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Classic: ETF rules out protests outside Camp Nou – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Classic: ETF rules out protests outside Camp Nou

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The Federation (RFEF) considers that nor possible public disturbances that may occur outside Camp Nou Wednesday of next week, the day scheduled for the classic.

Tsunami Democratic Independence Platform summoned its followers at four points near Camp Nou, one of them distantjust two hundred meters from the hotel where Real Madrid plans to stay, just a few hours before the start of Classic, a game that was postponed on October 26 before security risks as a result of the trial trial.

Independents don't want to miss the classic planetary opportunity to mobilize mobilizations, and before that, the RFEF recalls that security in the streets of Barcelona is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior and the autonomous security forces. For this reason, on Wednesday, Integrity Chief Ana Muñoz, Security Officer Alfredo Lorenzo, and other federal departments will meet at the federal headquarters in Las Rozas. This meeting will address the federation's plan to secure the arrival of the arbitration team at Camp Nou.

RFEF, like delegating security outside the Camp Nou to the police, believes that inside the stadium, it is also the public forces and private security hired by the club that must ensure a good order. Thereafter, any incident will be referred to the Competition Committee., an independent body of RFEF itself that would be the one who would make disciplinary decisions on sports issues. Everything else, in case of serious incidents of public order, is a matter of the Penal Code.

In the Federation, in any case, they understand that the high-risk party will not be delayed again and they have full confidence, if necessary, in the work that public and private security can do.