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Clemente, no fuss: mess in the national team, Raúl, the first Mou… – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Clemente, no fuss: mess in the national team, Raúl, the first Mou... - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Javier Clemente sounds to be the next coach from Israel. Recently, a Spanish football association has proposed a strategic plan for Israel that includes the appointment of a transgaming.orgs executive and several members of the Spanish team, led by Clemente and his scavengers, for senior and youth teams. The cache of spaniards, much higher than that of the Austrian Andy Herzog, caused the subject to cool before it took off. Clement is expecting progress in the next professional step and, in an interview in Sports Walla Israel, has also reviewed the current situation of Spanish football and details of its long career.

Israel national team: “A few years ago, I was contacted to train the Israeli team. Agents talked to me, I was interested, but I also had other select offers and Israel chose another coach (it was in 2010 and the coach selected was Fernandes). I would love to coach the Israel national team.”

Players from Israel: “As there are more players in the major leagues, the chance of success increases, but you also have to look inward at the youngsters. Players leaving the local league are the real backbone. The success of a team comes from a combination of both.”

Dabbur is not a starter in Seville: “I saw him score in the European league against Qel arabag and I think he’s another great player. It is not easy to be part of the Sevilla squad, which is a great team. Especially with a coach like Julen Lopetegui, you have to have quality.”

Israel’s chances in the Euro repechage playoff against Scotland: “The number one enemy is not the Scottish players, but the atmosphere in Hampden Park. Scottish fans are fanatical and aggressive. Israel’s attitude must change. Israel has to believe that playing as it knows can win direct football in Scotland.”

Barcelona: “When I trained at Espanyol, the Barcelona coach was Johan Cruyff and football was more technical. The style of the current team is completely different. It’s all about Leo Messi. When he plays, the level goes up.”

Criticism of Valverde: “In my opinion, it’s all about the atmosphere in Barcelona around Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique, who were popular for their charisma. Especially Pep. Valverde’s problem is that his Barcelona was eliminated twice from the Champions League against Roma and Liverpool, respectively. That was a blur to his hits in the eyes of the crowd. He is a quiet person with a low profile and not all fans connect with him. He resists criticism and doesn’t try to fight them, so he seems to be under fire all the time.”

The Atletico of Simeone: “There are some problems there, especially in the attack. Alvaro Morata is new, Diego Costa is injured and Joao Félix does not play at the expected level of him. Atletico creates attacking situations, but lacks the harmony Simeone would like to see. He’s not at his level yet. You reached a team connection level and may need a little more time, but you can definitely fight for the title to the end. It is difficult to discuss the facts, but it should not be forgotten that in the era of Simeone, in Atletico, He wanted to overcome previous seasons and did so, and he reached twice to the final of the Champions League and that is impossible to take away. In the end, it all depends on money and maybe to win the Champions League would have mattered to have more money. Right now, Real Madrid and Barcelona have more money and that gives them an advantage in their ability to attract players, as in the case of Griezmann.”

Griezmann, at Barca: “He moved because he wants to win the titles and Barcelona can give them to them. Paris Saint-Germain wanted it too, but despite all that said, I am convinced that i wanted to play for Messi.”

He’s 69 years old and still in rope: “I’m still hungry. For me, football is a passion and it is also an exciting I tried to impart values, strength and challenges to the players. Winning and winning titles is not enough to play well. It takes group strength, confidence and aggression. These are the things I still want to convey. My main goal was to require each player to overcome difficulties and defeat the opponent in their position. We arrived in Libya, a country at war that won nothing, and we got a title. In Bilbao we won the championship after 30 years and it was great for the city and fans. When everyone is happy, I’m happy and right now I miss training. The big moment of my career was the championship of my team of my land, but also to lead the Spanish national team in the United States”.

The best player he’s ever coached: “Obviously there are many. But because it’s hard to compare players in different positions, and since people like strikers, no doubt Raúl González.”

Xabi Alonso, as coach: “It has the potential to become a successful coach. There is no guarantee that a good player will be a good coach, but I hope he does because he was definitely exceptional as a player.”

An ancestor of Mourinho: “It can be. I used the media to motivate players to adopt the right attitude and also to get the fans of my team or my team to side with me. It’s true, I made statements, but I didn’t say anything bad about the rivalry or the coaches. I focused on myself and the needs of my team or my selection.”

Deal in selection from Lopetegui: “After the World Cup in Brazil, the state of the game of the national team required a generational change and that is what every coach has been trying to do ever since. Luis Enrique is a character with a strong personality and suitable to guide young players. The problem is that in the first few games there have been too many young people, too many game changes and this creates uncertainty. Robert Moreno was neither a footballer nor a coach. It’s one who’s learned a lot of football and Luis gave him a chance. The conflict arises from something personal between them.”

Spain, candidate to win the Euros?: “The problem is that the uncertainty I have said before comes not from the coaches, but from the decisions of the Federation presidency. Our team is less experienced than Germany, France and Italy, which have a better mix between young people and veterans.”