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Clubs that pay the highest wages – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The FC BarcelonaThe Real Madrid and the Juventus, in this order, are the three teams that pay the highest salaries in the world of according to the tenth edition of the study Global Sports Salaries. The average basic salary in the Blue-grain club for a first-team player is $12.8 million, which means that it has suffered a setback from last season, in which the average was 13.7 million.

The salary of Leo Messi, a recent winner of his sixth Ballon d’Or, which exceeds $65 million is what drives Barca to the top of this particular ranking. After the Azulgrana appeared Real Madrid, whose average base wage in the first team is 11.6 million. Juventus, which was ninth out of the mark a year ago, this time completed the podium with an average of 10.54 million.


15 of top 20 are held by NBA teams

Among the clubs that appear in the top 20 there are only two more football teams. Paris Saint-Germain, which ranks 12th, and Manchester City, which is in 13. Apart from Barca, Madrid and Juventus, the other seven top ten venues are held by NBA teams, which take 15 of the top 20.

In 2017, three NBA teams ranked the top three in the standings. It was the Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. This year, it’s the Portland TrailBlazers that feature dn’t show an average of $10.4 million in salaries.

Portland Trailblazers player Hassan Whiteside

Portland Trailblazers player Hassan Whiteside
(Steve Dykes / AP)

It should be noted that the amounts shown in this study relate only to the basic annual salary of athletes, not including bonuses or other extras.