Euro 2020

Complicated but not impossible negotiation (RUMORS) – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


In the last few days he’s been making a lot of discussion about the possible break-up between Leo Messi And the Barcelona. At the heart of the talks are the market moves of the blaugrana and some corporate choices, on all the that led to Valverde’s exoneration. A choice conditioned by the will of some players, little stimulated by the now former coach, according to the manager and former player of Barca, Abidal. Hot situation that is likely to have repercussions in the next market session, with the name of the Flea juxtaposed with the top European clubs.

Among them is theInter that, thanks to the constant growth of turnover even before transgaming.orgs, would be cultivating the dream of bringing to Milan the strongest player in the world.

Inter’s dream

Inter are dreaming big for next season. The club is already working to try to further strengthen the squad available to its technician, Antonio Conte. A steady growth, which aims to stop the domination of Juventus in Italy and to return to the top of world football as ten years ago.

And, in the last few hours, a resounding suggestion began to circulate: Leo Messi Milan. This is complicated, but far from impossible. Costs are important but could be made affordable by the constant growth of the club, which exceeded four hundred million euros in turnover in the last financial year and is aiming for five hundred in the next. Even most insiders consider the Messi dream not only a utopia for Inter.

Among them is the former footballer and now a columnist, Vincenzo D’Amico, intervened on the microphones of Tmw Radio:

“It would be fascinating to see him in Italy. Inter would have a chance to take him, if he arrived it would be a problem for the others. I vote Messi, I’d like to see him in Serie A.”

The costs of the operation

The costs of the operation Leo Messi would inevitably be very high. The Argentinian star will also be unable to do so if he wants to leave Barcelona if he wants to leave Europe.

There will be a need for compensation which, in this sense, could also be similar to what Juventus paid Real Madrid to buy Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2018, around one hundred million euros. The biggest obstacle, however, would be the perceived signing of the Flea: over thirty million euros per season richer bonuses and image rights. Thanks to the Growth Decree, however, Inter could make the Messi dream a reality, albeit with an important effort.

Thus, assuming for Pulce a four-year contract of thirty million, the cost to the club only on the fixed part of the contract would amount to thirty-nine million euros per season, for a total of 157.2 million.

To understand the impact of the Growth Decree, if Messi wanted to ask for the same gross fixed salary he earned at Barcelona (sixty million), he would collect about forty-five million euros net, compared to the approximately thirty million net he earns Today.

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