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Copa del Rey Draw: Schedule, TV, Equipment, Rules and Format – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Copa del Rey Draw: Schedule, TV, Equipment, Rules and Format

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111 clubs gather in the city of Las Rozas on a historic day for Spanish football. The new Copa del Rey is here, and with it, the representation of all categories: from the First Division to those who got their place in the Preferential Regional will be present at the hype. The draw has conditions, of course, although the qualifiers are a unique match in the house of the humblest.. Thus, surprises may occur that will reverse expectations. 55 batteries, which will be held in the week of December 17 and that Will rank 56: winners plus lucky exempt.

What will the draw look like?

There will be five drums that will define the intersections. The first draw will be held between the hype 1, consisting of the ten preliminary round winners, all from their region; it's him hype 2, formed by the 16 teams of the First Division. It should be remembered that Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona will not play this first round by the Spanish Super Cup. They will also be exempt in the second and will enter the round of 16.

That way, chance will bring ten clashes between the Regional category and the highest. They will be at the house of the humble party. The six First Division that do not exit ball extraction will move from drum 2 to drum 4, composed of the second clubs. This is when the second phase of the draw will begin.

Draw Stage 1

They will be paired:

-10 out of 16 First Division clubs.

-With the 10 winners of the previous territorial round.

The rest of LaLiga SmartBank's Primera and 22 clubs will face the hype 3 teams. That is, the 21 Third Division teams and the four Federation Cup semi-finalists. Three & # 39; big & # 39; will be unrivaled so we will have to resort to hype 5 where the 38 of Second B. Once again, and as they set the foundations for the new tournament, the crossing will be played at the field of the smaller rival.

Draw phase 2

They will be paired:

-The 22 clubs in the Second Division and the remaining 6 in the First.

-With the 25th of the Third, the 4 of the Federation Cup and the 3 of the Second B chosen at random.

This is how the last intersections of the first round of the Copa del Rey are introduced. There are only & # 39; 35 Second Division B clubs and will face off. In this case, being in the same category, will be the chance to decide who is the lucky one who has the field factor. They are strangers, so one of 35 will be unmatched. Luck will be on your side as will be exempt from the first round and will qualify directly for the next phase.

Draw phase 3

They will be paired:

-34 of the remaining 35 clubs from second B to each other.

– One will be exempt and will enter the second phase.

Why is there an exempt team?

Reus got the place for the Copa del Rey by playing in the Second Division last season However, his ticket was in doubt from the start, as Catalan club are not competing in any category of Spanish football and she doesn't even have the bases to dress right from next December. RFEF then encountered a difficult problem to solve: who would inherit its place?

The truth was that it was difficult to assign since there were not enough objective criteria to classify each other in Second Division B. Therefore, and despite the fact that some entities claim to inherit it, the competition judge bet on November 12 to expel Reus from the competition and leave his place deserted. Thus, the tie model will correspond to 34 clubs of the third category and there will be one whose ball is not open. The magic of the first round of the new format will not live in its own flesh, though you will receive the direct rating in exchange for the next phase.

Clifton Onolfo failed to resolve Reus's complicated situation. The club has been excluded from competitions.

The 111 teams ranked

Although the drums were composed based on the current category of clubs, the truth is that the vast majority of them got their place in the Copa del Rey on their merits last season. The exception is marked by CoruxoO TudelanoO Castellón it's him Real murcia, who qualified to become finalists of the RFEF Cup in early November. Also the top ten from hype 1, who managed to face the opportunity to win at the Preferred last year and closed their participation in the ten qualifiers played last Wednesday. This is how the seats of the new World Cup are distributed.:

With place for First Division:
Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Villarreal, Valladolid, Atletico, Getafe, Levante, Alavés, Eibar, Celta, Betis, Espanyol and Leganés. They went down but have the first place: Rayo Vallecano, Huesca and Girona. They will enter Real Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. (16 + 4)

With place for the Second Division:
Cadiz, Almeria, Albacete, Zaragoza, Numancia, Las Palmas, Sporting, Alcorcón, Elche, Malaga, Tenerife, Oviedo, Extremadura, Lugo and Deportivo. They went up, but they have the second place: Granada, Osasuna and Mallorca. They went down, but they have the second place: Cordoba, Nastic, Rayo Majadahonda. Reus loses his position, which is vacant. (21 + 1 vacancy)

With place for Second Division B:
With room for the second B, Group I: Cultural Leonesa, Pontevedra, Guijuelo, Unionistas and San Sebastián de los Reyes. They went up but have a place in Group I: Fuenlabrada and Ponferradina. (7)

With room for the second B, Group II: Logroñés, Amorebieta, Barakaldo, Leioa and Langreo. They went up but have a place in Group II: Racing and Mirandés. (7)

With room for the second B, Group III: Atlético Baleares, Hercules, Cornellá, Lleida, Badalona, ​​Ebro and Olot. (7)

With room for the second B, Group IV: Recreational, Cartagena, Melilla, Badajoz, UCAM Murcia, Ibiza and Marbella (7).

With place in the Third Division:
In third place, the 15 unaffiliated champions: Ferrol Racing, Loyalty, Escobedo, Portugalete, Llagostera, Orihuela, Zamora, Real Jaén, Peña Deportiva, Tamaraceite, Yeclano, Merida, Haro Deportivo, Tarazona and Socuéllamos.

As runners up: Bergantiños, Marino de Luanco, Laredo, Sestao River, L & # 39; Hospitalet, La Nucía, Las Rozas, Segovian Gymnastics, Deportivo Linares, AD Ceuta, Messenger, Lorca Deportiva, Cacereño, Peña Sport, SD Logroñés, Illueca and Villarrubia. (32)

From RFEF and the Regional Cup:
The four semifinalists of RFEF Cup: Coruxo, Tudelano, Castellón and Murcia. 4)

The ten winners of the previous territorial Among the representatives of the Regional: Antoniano, El Palmar, Melilla CD, El Alamo, Intercity, Andorra, Peña Azagresa, Tolosa, Becerril and Comillas. (10)

The five drums of the new Cup *

Bass drum 1: Tolosa, Antoniano, Becerril, El Palmar, Comillas, Melilla CD, Andorra, El Alamo, Peña Azagresa and Intercity.

Bass drum 2: Getafe, Leganés, Seville, Villarreal, Espanyol, Levante, Atletico, Valladolid, Real Sociedad, Celta, Betis, Osasuna, Alavés, Granada, Eibar and Majorca. **

Bass drum 3: Villaviciosa Loyalty, Lorca Deportiva, Escobedo, Laredo, Portugal, Cacereño, Zamora, Sestao River, Real Jaén, L & # 39; Hospitalet, AD Ceuta, Bergantiños, Tamaraceite, Illueca, Peña Sport, Messenger, Tarazona, Socuéllamos SD Logroñna, Gymnastics Segovia, Linares Deportivo, Coruxo, Tudelano, Castellón and Real Murcia.

Bass drum 4: Girona, Las Palmas, Huesca, Extremadura, Rayo Vallecano, Alcorcón, Malaga, Zaragoza Real, Albacete, Tenerife, Deportivo, Numanca, Cadiz, Lugo, Real Oviedo, Fuenlabrada, Sports, Racing Santander, Almeria, Mirandés, Elche, Ponferradina .

Hype 5: Rayo Majadahonda, Olot, Cordoba, Huelva Recreation, Nastic, Cartagena, Leonese Cultural, Melilla UD, Pontevedra, Badajoz, Guijuelo, UCAM Murcia, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Ibiza, Unionists, Marbella, Uro Logroñés, Ferrol Racing, Barakaldo, Llagostera, Leioa, Orihuela, Amorebieta, Peña Deportiva, Langreo, Yeclano, Atletico Baleares, AD Merida, Hercules, Haro Deportivo, Cornellá, Villarrubia, Lleida, Marino de Luanco, Badalona, ​​Las Rozas, Ebro and La Nucía.

* Exposed bombs do not respond to classification mode, but to the current situation. For example, Mallorca is in hype 2, but got his place in the Second Division.

The dates of the competition *

First round: December 18, 2019.

Second round: January 12, 2020.

Round of 16: January 22, 2020.

Round of 16: January 29, 2020.

Quarterfinals: February 5, 2020.

Semifinals: February 12 and March 4, 2020.

Last: April 18, 2020.

Valencia, last champion of the Copa del Rey.

* The set date sets the day on Wednesday for this week, although matches may be played Tuesday and Thursday. Semifinals have double dates as they will be played as a traditional round-trip tie.

When will the next draw be?

On December 19, 56 will be known for the second round. Well, they just have to wait to know who will be the next opponent. On the same Friday, December 20th, the draw will be held, which, again, will have conditions. Higher category clubs will continue to face the humblest, with the favorable field factor for the latter and a single game.

TV and programming: how and where to watch the Copa del Rey draw?

The Copa del Rey draw will be held this Sunday from 12:30 in the football city of Las Rozas. As always, the Royal Spanish Football Federation will disseminate the images through its official channels. On, all pairs will be followed minute by minute. and after the ball, the most outstanding reactions and analysis of the different qualifiers will be published.

Where will the Copa del Rey be seen?

Finally the Federation has granted Mediaset the new Cup rights for the next three seasons. The rules of the competition set a minimum of 16 emissions per round, which means that in this first phase at least 16 of the qualifiers must be issued. Yes, do not force any to open and what the audiovisual group will do with the parties is unknown. The recent creation of Mitele Plus He points out that not everyone will be available at zero cost, although the chain has not yet decided on the issue.