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Copa del Rey first round: results and standings – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Copa del Rey first round: results and standings


After a vibrant day of copera on Tuesdaywhere the Alavés and six other Second Division teams were eliminated, on Wednesday all big names were warned that relaxing could lead to the elimination. With Classic in the background, RFEF has scheduled fewer games, although five from Primera are involved. Once again the playoffs were loaded with excitement and left an exciting afternoon in the modest fields:

Sanse 2 – Cordoba 0

Matapiñonera hosted a classic cupper game, especially with the format change. Both teams started with excessive respect for their opponent and, in fact, at 25 minutes he didn't even finish between the three clubs. The biggest occasion had starred Xabi Iruretawith a shot next to the net. Little by little, Sanse was finding sensations, until, in his first goal kick, he scored the first. Julio Delgado, after several rebounds, broke the gifts there in jubilation. Cordoba changed the curves of the duel in the second half. He went from receiving to knocking, but the spaces left as a result of necessity could cost him disgust. After more than twenty minutes without a prize, Fer Ruiz sentenced the main battle and scored two more points at the end of the final. Between First's duels, a second B. battle slipped. Of course he didn't disappoint and gave Sanse a ticket.

Badalona 3 – Oviedo 1

Oviedo has been notified and the warner is not a traitor. Badalona went through the LaLiga SmartBank team completely, despite being a category below. It started better, linking several shots and corners in the first bars. Hugo Esteban's goal after 21 minutes did not surprise anyone. The visitors pulled gals and threatened Benitez's goal. The local defense saved an acrobatic shot from Ibra under bats and Riki suffered the goalkeeper. A hotdog that won a prize as soon as the second half began: Ibra scored after a big load of Mossa. Rozada's lecture was successful until Cris Montes reappeared. The assistant on the first goal was the author of the second and third. In fact, the latter orchestrated him after driving the ball through midfield and setting it straight. The second syndrome did not die on Tuesday: batacazo del oviedo who fell and did it deservedly.

Tudelano 0 – Albacete 1

Like Oviedo, Albacete joked knowing what had happened the day before. Therefore, he did not launch himself head-on in the attack, but wanted to establish a soccer control in the city of Tudela. Thus, until the 40th minute, the duel was very, without chances and not a shot between the three sticks. Everything until it appears Dani Ojeda, to set in a break and write down the first. Subsequently, the protagonism changed from t-shirt and Brazao made two sensational stops to prevent collapse. At 54 & # 39; a blackout in the towers put the game in check, but both clubs agreed to continue to avoid major setbacks. Perhaps something happened, as the party traveled in the dead zone until Brazao returned to save & # 39; Alba & # 39 ;. The end was not harmed by the favorites. Even King Manaj could put the same in his closet, but he shot the post. Ramis's people got rid of the collapse.

Melilla UD 1 – UCAM Murcia 2

On a successful day for visitors, UCAM Murcia would be no less. Although, unlike the others, he did not like to be top class, he was clearly better than his rival and is only a second round resident of the Copa del Rey. After three minutes of meeting, Álvaro Barbosa marked the first. The villagers had to paddle against the tide and, in fact, were a little better throughout the first half, always with the disadvantage of goal-to-eye goal. Much more was complicated for Melilla when Manu Justo extended distances on 41 minutes. The scorers had a clear chance of putting the same on their account, but the KO tournament spell wished there was excitement at Municipal Alvarez Claro as well. Mawi Sánchez cut distances of half an hour from the end, although it had no meaning. The minutes passed and there was no danger. UCAM moves forward fairly and firmly.

Pontevedra 0 – Ibiza 0 (postponed)

They could barely see twenty minutes at Pasarón Municipal. It was worth leaving a nice picture of the rain falling hard on the grass and the players present there and so Sibofootball player Ibiza, will cover the toothpick. The situation was unsustainable, it fell too much and it was difficult to play. So much so that the referee stopped the game and moments later decided to suspend the game permanently. The Federation has already announced that it will soon confirm the new date of the match, although Pontevedra has announced that it will be played next Wednesday, January 8 at 8:30 pm.

Sestao River 1 (6) – Lugo 1 (5)

Who would say, but of the 18 teams of the Second Division that have tried the new adventure in the World Cup, only 10 of them survive. Lugo was the last to fall in a beautiful game in Las Llanas which, of course, is no regret for those who prioritized seeing their team before the Real Madrid-Barcelona classic. The senior team began to dominate calmly, but without occasions. The first clear starred her Leandro Martínez, which he could not jointly set against Cantero. Just five minutes later, the attacker made the first head after a big shipment from Huete. Since then, goalkeepers have gained prominence: Jaritz Landeta was very alert to the bombardment of visitors and Cantero took a great hand from Aitor Villar. But, as happened in so many qualifying rounds, the alleged difference in level was not evident. Lugo saved Herrera's target furniture at a discount, though the extension didn't compensate. On penalties, the forces are even more equal and this eliminated the Galicians by the stoppage of Joritz Landeta. They say goodbye to the KO tournament in another surprise. And those who remain.

Barakaldo 0 (5) – Villarrubia 0 (3)

In Lasesarre nothing happened. Nothing happened until Carlos Martinez did not finish, forgiving the first of Villarrubia. Nothing happened because the line called a dubious deterrent by Juan Delgado When he left alone. Nothing happened because Xabier Galán dropped a big shoe that met no goal. Nothing happened because, within ten minutes, they only fired twice at the door for a small final acceleration from Barakaldo. And so, nothing happened. In extension, not because behind Villarrubia repelled a dangerous kick from Hector. Nothing happened, although statistics may lead to misunderstanding. Until it happened. Because there are no other penalties. Dial, stop, stop dialing. Barakaldo scored all five; your rival missed the first for a big break Rabanillo. The locals are still strong at the World Cup and are now hoping for the best.

No First Failure

Differently but all five First Division teams are still alive in the KO tournament. Him Villarreal He received a banquet before the Quotations, who defeated by zero goals to five. He kicked 17 times in goal, 21 away and scored 13 corners. An offensive display with three goals from Carlos Bacca, which failed in a penalty. Also marked Leo Suarez and Cazorla. It was also frank Valladolid, which made many spins, but that was no problem to clearly conquer Tolosa. Enes Unal and Aguadoon two occasions they were the most important protagonists.

Meanwhile, Sevilla beat Bergantiños with Koundé's only goal. Despite the superiority shown, Lopetegui's team was unsuccessful in goal. The same happened with Majorca, which, unlike those of Nervión, was not comfortable at any time against Poplar. Following the example of Rayo Vallecano or Fuenlabrada, Alex Alegría's goal in the horn gave the victory to Vicente Moreno. Him Getafe maybe he suffered more: down to 63 & # 39; Angel revolutionized the game The striker scored the first and forced the penalty that turned Jorge Molina.