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Copa del Rey: La Masia, from training centre to cash register for FC Barcelona 2019 Copa del Rey – SPANISH FOOTBALL

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Barcelona sells three quarries for a total of 33 million euros to relieve their balance sheet while looking for a 9 in the market

Carles Prez, downtown, during a workout.
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    “I’m finding it a lot more simple than I thought”

In his official present with the Bara, Quique Setin I sent a message to La Masia: This club has an extraordinary quarry. I don’t know most of the players in depth, but they’ll come with us and participate. If they really progress and earn it, they can play on the first team and be one more. Two weeks later, the entity that presides Josep Maria Bartomeu has boxed with the outputs of three talents trained in the lower categories. The last, a Carles Prez who has gone from having minutes with Ernesto Valverde to seek his life in Rome.

In the ltimos das, the Bara has closed three operations that have allowed it to enter 33.2 million euros. Carles Prez has left for Rome for 15 million euros, the Braga has signed Abel Ruiz 10 million and the club has totaled 8.2 million million for the transfer of Alejandro Marqus Juventus. In this last case, the brazilian cesin is included Matheus Pereira, for whom the Azulgrana, segn takes aim at the whole bianconero, they must pay next summer an eight million purchase option if a number of requirements are met. In short, something that is very reminiscent of the barter between the goalkeepers Jasper Cillessen And Neto Murara with Valencia that allowed to square numbers at the end of last season.

Of the three, the operacin that has surprised the most is that of a Carles Prez who, in October of last year, after signing the extension of his contract until June 30, 2022, made very clear its feeling to follow at all costs in the Barcelona entity. I’ve always wanted to stay and never hear any suggestions from outside. When they called me to tell me they wanted to renew me, I didn’t think twice. For ms it was more important to be here than to charge 1.5 million euros with 16 years. My sweat is to succeed at Bara, then the young striker claims in statements to the SER chain. Now, things are very different. To such an extent that he did not want to know anything about including a buyback option in the conditions of his transfer to Rome. The club Azulgrana, that is, will have the right to rating if the Italians decide to put it up for sale.

“I’ve spoken to the club and Carles Prez”

At the pre-Cup press conference against Legans, Quique Setin seemed to want to take responsibility for the march of a Carles Prez that so far added up to 12 first-team matches in what we’ve been on the ground. It’s a shared decision, and really what I’ve talked to the boy has been very clear. The reality is I’m not used to talking about private conversations. Of the decisions made by the club I give my opinion and I have no more to say, seal in the first instance the current Barcelona technician. It’s clear I talked to the club and the boy. I know what I’ve told you, I’ve given my opinin to the club and in the end you’ve decided this, that it’s understood to be a good decision, I insisted.

I even dropped a phrase that seems to also hold the footballer himself accountable when asked if he can guarantee that there will be no more exits. I can’t guarantee anything. These are decisions the club makes understanding that they are best for everyone, but nobody leaves if they don’t want to leave either, this is as, adds the cntabro.

As for the possible arrival of a new striker, I admit that it will be more than welcome, but also stressing that he is delighted with the squad under his command. Tambin, cmo no, sofoc the fire that may have caused his words after the defeat in Mestalla. You can go around, but I think what I said is clearly understood. We’ve been training six, we’re trying to get good communication so that what we transmit looks like. Sometimes these are things that are not simple to explain or understand, but this is an absolutely normal process. There’s no effort to rebuke anyone for that, not even me, zanj.

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