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Copa Moreno: "The Cup is beautiful and we are not here to throw anything away" – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith



Real Mallorca opens this season at the Copa del Rey against a third division team, El Alamo, and the Vermilion team does not want surprises or expose players who will host Sevilla on Saturday at Son Moix, as permanence is a priority in the Balearics.

For all that, the Majorcan coach, Vicente Moreno, clarifies that “there is no left in the league to keep the mind busy on other things, we have the next league match on Saturday which is very close and the rival is Sevilla but I think we have to park a bit and focus on World Cup match. ”

The vermilion coach says that “we will try to make a good game to pass because I think we are interested in passing the qualifiers, having more minutes and more chances to compete and then because I think the Cup is a beautiful competition and not here. we are throwing something away “.

Majorca Shield / Flag

That said, Moreno insists that “we will travel with players from the first team and give minutes to those who have participated less in the league.”

About his opponent and his shot, Moreno has clear ideas. On the field, the coach made it very clear that “playing on fields like” Facundo Rivas “is nothing new to us,” in clear reference to the passing of the vermilion team two seasons ago in the second division B fields.

On the other hand, regarding Madrid’s rival, Moreno says that “we know which team we face, we know El Alamo in the end”, adding that “we respect their opponents like any other, they will also want to break the tie”.

In the game itself, Moreno announces that “we will make eleven that we believe to be the eleven best, considering all the circumstances, taking into account the league game we played last weekend and what we have next, but we will try to pass that draw in a field of a lower category, but with a small field that will bring everything closer and with the motivation they will have, which will make the game difficult “.