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Core problem: eight goals in the last two accidents – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Levant has a central problem. Eight goals in the last two days testify. Since the plague of defensive injuries began, leaving all centrals under control, the Orriols team have conceded four goals per match. Aitor Fernández's worst goalscorer, who has yet to concede four Granota goals and has conceded in the last two games.

The first stick arrived in Getafe. With Erick Cabaco and Sergio Postigo injured, Paco López had nothing left to choose from Oscar Duarte and Rubén Vezo, their only two healthy centers in the first team. There were four goals with the set-piece that sentenced the match to one of the team's defensive weaknesses. A strong concealer.

Rising Shield / Flag

But the Valencian derby arrived and there was no time for regrets. Until Duarte and Vezo broke the week before. Both by 2020. However, it all started with a Roger double to light the Ciutat de Valence. But the & # 39; gunslinger & # 39; It would be angel and devil. Own goal, this time alone, and with the ball set, the ghosts returned to Orriols just before the break. Valencia appeared and smelled blood in the second act. At the end of the match, the score was again against four for the second day in a row. The first time with Aitor on goal, he had set his biggest record against three in his Levante stage.

The problems, for now, do not improve. Without centrals, Coca-Cola trains normally after the scare, but Eliseo's option, thrown out on his debut, falls.

Sergio Postigo can force against Granada

If there is a central point near the return to the playing fields at Levante, it is Sergio Postigo. Madrid suffered an injury to Mallorca on Nov. 22, suffering a grade 1 muscle break in the hamstrings of the right leg. An area that has kept him under control in recent seasons and with a diagnosis of three weeks. However, it could force against Granada due to the circumstances. The defense has already been tested with the group. To this day, with Eliseo's expulsion, Paco López has only Coca-Cola, Pereira, the center of the debut derby, and Vukcevic, who has four yellow ones. Meanwhile, Cabaco began working with the group.