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Coruxo El Coruxo follows on Twitter with arbitration before Mirandés – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Copa del Rey's crazy match between Coruxo and Copa del Rey was not without controversy. In the 92nd minute, José Antonio López Toca, the referee of the clash, said a penalty in favor of the Burgos team. Álvaro Rey would not miss the opportunity to convert the penalty and put the 4-4 on the scoreboard, with which, in the end, the party would go to the extension.

The Galician Club, who considered the high school's decision unfair, He used his official Twitter account to vigorously protest and show his anger.. He started talking about "a penalty that was not". So he continued with another tweet that said literally that "A referee can't invent a penalty after 92 minutes. Because if it is, it seems. But butcher the little one … NO NO AND NOT THOUGH."

Coruxo's discomfort did not end, and he again pronounced in the hammocks talking about the Mirandés players are surprised by a penalty that "damages the credibility of football". Afterwards, the club only reported that the game was going into extra time.

The Vigués club's anger would not end here, which in extension again questioned another controversial piece. López Toca scored another penalty in favor of the visitors, but corrected his verdict instantly. In light of this situation, Corux again pronounced, labeling as "scandal" what was being experienced in The Van.

After the final beep, the Galician team congratulated Mirandés, but He charged hard again against the referee, noting that "conscience may not let him sleep" tonight.