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Cup Draw ? Real Madrid – Real Sociedad and Athletic – Barcelona, in quarter-finals – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Cup Draw ? Real Madrid - Real Sociedad and Athletic - Barcelona, in quarter-finals - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The Cup draw has led to matches in the quarters, a round in which you can almost hear the final. Madrid will have to face Real Sociedad and Barcelona will face Athletic. A duel between the teams with the most titles in this competition (30 vs. 24). The Valencia, the reigning champion, will have to beat with Granada on his way to revalidating his crown. Mirandés and Villarreal will face each other for a semi-final ticket. The quarter-finals will be played on days 4, 5 and 6 February, also single party.

The First Division teams have finished with the modest, the great beneficiaries of this conversion copera, and have reached seven teams this phase, although for this many of them fell (Sevilla, Atlético, Betis…). In the resistance to the First are in solitude the Mirandés, of the Second Division, who has managed to classify this round standing face to the biggest and dreaming of repeating the 2012 gesta, get into the semi-finals. He will do so in front of his people, because this was the condition of the draw as it was of a lesser category.

The Royal Society, which will have to visit the Santiago Bernabéu, stands in the way of the only title that Zidane lacks. The Frenchman’s display cases are full of trophies won during both his playing and coaching career, but the Cup is the only screw that has been resisted in his two stages. For their peace of mind Madrid arrives at the most exalted moment of the season, having overcome the turbulence of the first bars of the campaign, with a Super Cup lowering his arm and a lead. The latter will have to defend him this Saturday against Atletico, a battle that will not be less and that could bring the fatigued whites to their appointment with the KO tournament. The Donostiarras have reached this round by eliminating Primera rivals such as Osasuna and Espanyol.

The previous rounds of the Cup was presented as a balm for the complicated start of 2020 that is being lived in Can Barca. Valverde’s dismissal as coach after the Super Cup fiasco, the arrival of Setién and criticism of his style, coupled with the loss of the league leadership presents the Cup as a date that should not be taken to ballad if the tension is not to be increased. In front will be Athletic, who arrives after beating Tenerife in the penalty shootout, second round in a row that manage to pass from the eleven meters the 23-time champion of this tournament.

Granada is one of the most successful Primera teams that have passed the entire tournament against lower-level teams, but has still managed to survive. He has survived three overtime in four rounds. Los Cármenes will receive Valencia, the current champion of the tournament. And the Mirandés, the only Second of the draw, will have to measure himself to the Villarreal, who arrives to eliminate the Lightning.

King’s Cup quarter-final pairings

Real Madrid – Real Sociedad. Check available tickets.

Athletic – Barcelona. Check available tickets.



The four winners in this round will make them in the semi-finals, knockout where the matches will already be played first leg (11 and 12 February) and return (3 and 4 March). There will be no conditions of any kind, nor a field factor if the Mirandés were able to classify. The first to leave in the draw will act as a home in the first match and away in the second.