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Da Silva: "We have a feat to do" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Da Silva: "We have a feat to do"

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Shenzhen, where it will compete with the Stade Rennais FC Champions Trophy against PSG, Damien Da Silva tells this meeting and the season begins.

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What does the Trophée des Champions represent for you?
For me it is new. It's a final between two teams that won an important title last season and a new trophy to win.

Does this match change your start to the season?
It changes because we continue the competition a week before, that's all. We are well prepared, we will be 100% for this fight. We understand this meeting as it will be done for a finale. We have a feat to do, but we know it will be very complicated.

Does playing PSG make this meeting special?
Paris is still always special to meet them. It's a big team, with very talented players. It is very difficult to beat them, it takes many parameters to get there, on their side and ours. We have to make the perfect fight, or not far, and on the contrary, they are a little worse.

This season, what will your role be with young people and recruits at Stade Rennais FC?
I need to talk even more at the group level, now that I've had a whole season with the club. There are many young people, and even very young people, coming into the workforce. It is very important to talk to them well. I was young a long time ago, I remember it always made me feel good when the leaders in the team came to talk to me. It gave me some confidence. This is what I'm trying to do with them. The most important thing is that they are safe, that they are good in the team and that at best they can express themselves on the field.

How are the recruits doing?
Honestly, very good. I have the impression that they have been there for at least a year. These are people who integrate very quickly, who are very simple and kind. Inevitably, much faster contact with such people is established. We feel they want to shoot in the same direction as the group. And when it comes to mentality, it's very good.

After a very good financial year 2018/2019, what are the goals of Stade Rennais FC?
It's always about doing better. You have to try. Last year we won a title, it was something very big for the club. I think we can do better in the league. We were in the soft stomach in the rankings, we would like to be a little taller, without announcing a specific goal on the spot. It is very important to us. After, if we can make an epic Europa League, as was the case last season … It gives so many feelings to players or fans, we want to relive. We know it is complicated to live in such a season, you have to work hard to get there.

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