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Dani Jiménez keeps the Alcorcón wall at home standing – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Dani Jiménez keeps the Alcorcón wall at home standing - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The Alcorcon came out alive from Martínez Valero in a meeting he had of everything and where, in the end, the doorman Dani Jimenez was the best of the duel. Dani Calvo advanced Elche before halftime and just after the walk through the locker room, Pomares put the tie. The Illycitans came to the final stretch better, with one more after Laure’s expulsion, and Yacine had a clear one to sign victory in the final stretch, but the impossible failed. Dani Jimenez kept the potter’s wall standing and stopped elche in his attempt to follow in the wake of the playoff.

The Madrid team went hot earlier. During the first quarter of an hour, he defied the cold and got into trouble at the Elche with a high blood pressure and more intensity in duels. The potters Loaded with Pomares and Sosa by Tekio’s band. On that side, at a loss of Gonzalo Villar, came the clearest of Pomares, who found the gift in the area and forced Edgar Badia’s paradon to stand, the only one in the party.

The Elche rose in temperature with the passage of minutes. The battle moved to the physical to decant the game towards the area of the most powerful in the medullary. Ramón Folch ruled inside, in coalition with Villar, in the face of opposition from the duo Perea-Boateng. Accompanied Iván Sánchez and Fidel inside to open the field with the sides, especially with Juan Cruz.

Ivan began to break from the right, where Pomares and Sosa could only stop him with fouls. From there was born the first clearing, but neither Calvo nor Yacine took advantage of the double whip from the right. A standing ball, fidel also did damage. First he poisoned a foul that crashed into the crosshair and in the next, from the left, measured the center to Folch’s head. The testarazo was repelled by the bar and Dani Calvo only had to push it to overtake the Elche.

The reaction waited for the second part. In the first attacking action, Pomares defined in race, lowering Sosa’s pass with his chest and surprising with the left-handed lagging in french-green. The draw was joined by Villar’s injury and Mfulu’s innings. In the heart of the local bird, Rui Costa was able to turn the game around, but crossed Mula’s pass too much. As at the beginning, the Elche took time to plug in, but gradually assumed control. Juan Cruz and Fidel hurt Laure’s gang. Yacine had one against Dani Jiménez, who drew into the corner; and another Fidel centre walked along the goal line, in one direction and the other with Folch’s last shot.

Josan’s entrance definitely connected the Elche in attack and made the Goalkeeper of the Alcorcón the hero of the encounter, with four merit stops in two consecutive actions of Folch and Josan. The VAR ordered Laure’s expulsion by elbow and the party was killed in the away area. Yacine had the best in the 87th minute, with the goalkeeper beaten, but sent to the clouds what could have been the first defeat of the Alcorcón at home. Fifth consecutive draw of potters and one more week without winning from Elche at home, he lets the train escape from sixth place.

Fran Fernandez: “The VAR shouldn’t have gone into the red laure”

We knew the stage and the opponent we were playing against, with great offensive potential. The draw is good outside, although we always go out to win as we showed at the beginning of the match. In Laure’s expulsion I think the VAR should not enter because the referee interpreted that he had not hit so hard. In the first leg, the Elche beat us with considerably less than in this encounter. In the end the game opened and we were able to hurt the counterattack. We lacked clarity on the last pass, although I’m happy with my team.

Pacheta: “We deserved a better result”

I think we deserved better results. The Alcorcon showed us why he hasn’t lost yet at home. It was a good second-day game. We still have 17 points to save. The tie was more successful of them than error of our, with perfect pass and control. We enjoyed the ball and it is increasingly attractive to see the Elche. Before, we scored a goal before and now it costs us a lot. It should be the other way around, but that’s how rich this is. With Gonzalo Villar we have a nice center of seeing and extremely effective, points to the top and when it is not because it is difficult to compare it.

Villar, with knee problems

Gonzalo Villar retired because of a blow to the knee that began to give him trouble in the final stretch of the first half. It’s going to be hard for him to play in the Cup on Wednesday. The unnoticed Fidel, Gonzalo and Pere Milla did not see the fifth and will be able to play in Almería. On the possible signing of Dani Escriche, Pacheta stated that “there is still nothing closed with any footballers”. Everything remains to be for the Elche to deposit the 700,000 euros that will allow it to extend its salary cap.


O. Mfulu (51′, Gonzalo Villar), Mule (53′, Oscar Arribas Pasero), Sandaza (65′, Rui Costa), Josan (69′, Fidel), Pere Milla (78′, Nino), Dorca (82′, Boateng)


1-0, 37′: Daniel Calvo, 1-1, 46′: Pomares


Arbitrator: Juan Luis Pulido Santana
Arbitrator VAR: Victor Areces Franco
Samuel Sosa (34′,Yellow) Daniel Calvo (68′,Yellow) Adrián Diéguez (70′,Yellow) Laure (84′,Red) Folch (90′,Yellow) Mule (92′,Yellow