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David López: "Espanyol can't move to Second" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Espanyol face Thursday's duel against CSKA Moscow of the Europa League, with very few incentives. The parakeet group is already the first in its group. The clothes do not hide that the important and eye-catching duel is the Sunday League against Betis. This was confirmed on Wednesday by David López: “We look forward to Sunday's game. We have won the right not to care about the Europa League tomorrow. We know which one is important. It is a difficult and complicated situation, but we look forward to moving forward. "

Last Tuesday, the parakeet captains met with representatives of the Peñas Federation and Grada Canito and Peña Juvenil and David López explained that “it was a very productive meeting in which Federation representatives and fans showed us their Unconditional support no matter what. What we conveyed to him was the complete conviction that we will move forward and need them more than ever. There was a clear message that Espanyol cannot go down to second place. ”And he went even deeper, making it clear that it's the players who should get people involved:“ We can't ask for anything in the stands, we're fortunate to have a hobby that, with some good plays, has always encouraged and emerged. We should not demand anything. We tell you that we need you most in this complicated situation. They have always been there and now more than ever. They agree and give it to us. Those who met the group also met with President Chen Yansheng and “his words help us, we know he is very involved with the team, which is aware of any injuries or moods of the players. It is a great luck. He told us that he has every confidence in the world that we will be saved. He will do everything possible to help us and save us.

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After that, one of the parakeet captains talked about the lack of a goal: “We have to improve a lot. It is true that the lack of success against the goal makes the games run, we got confused and ended up getting more goals than usual. In Madrid, good things have already been seen and that is the line, we have to keep growing and improving to strengthen ourselves at home. ”

Sunday's meeting focused on the David López press conference and Rubi and Borja Iglesias also arrive. But nothing can decentralize them: “In the situation in which we are alone, there must be one thing on everyone's mind: winning anyway. No matter what rival coach and players there are. It's time to win, nothing more. Finally, he spoke of the duel against CSKA Moscow: “We know it will be a complicated game. We want to win equally. The motivation is that it serves to improve, correct things. Participating people who take advantage of them to create competition and all players are one hundred percent. "