Euro 2020

Defending the title at EURO: watch out for Portugal! UEFA EURO 2020 – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


It is always said that to win you learn, strengthening the team over the years, building a winning mentality and so on. Victory calls victory, but will it be true?

The European Championship is definitely against the trend. In the previous 15 editions, only one team managed to defend the title: Spain in 2012. Four years later, the red furies stopped at the eighth: Portugal is warned.

The French fans will be happy to know that, in general, the team beaten in the final went a little better at the next European Championship: this is the case with Germany in 1980 and 1996.

Defends the European title

Year Sample Placement in the next edition
1960 Soviet Union Vice-sample
1964 Spain Quarterfinals
1968 Italy Quarterfinals
1972 West Germany Vice-sample
1976 Czechoslovakia Third-ranked
1980 West Germany Group stage
1984 France Unqualified
1988 Netherlands Semifinal
1992 Denmark Group stage
1996 Germany Group stage
2000 France Quarterfinals
2004 Greece Group stage
2008 Spain Sample
2012 Spain Round of 16
2016 Portugal

*Double qualifying match for the four-team finals

Better still went to the World Cup team. France (2000) and Spain (2012) won the European title after the world title, while Germany reached the final in 1976 and 1992 and England came third in 1968 (his best finish).

Reigning World Champions at EURO

World Cup/EURO World Champion Placement at EURO
1966/1968 England Third-ranked
1974/1976 West Germany Vice-sample
1982/1984 Italy Unqualified
1990/1992 Germany Vice-sample
1998/2000 France Sample
2006/2008 Italy Quarterfinals
2010/2012 Spain Sample
2014/2016 Germany Semifinal
2018/2020 France

**Winner of the 1990 World Cup as West Germany, she participated in EURO ’92 as Germany