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Del Bosque: “Casillas and Cazorla are heroes of Spanish football” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Coach Vicente del Bosque, world champion in South Africa 2010, today remembered Iker Casillas- temporarily retired and Santi Cazorla – who has returned after a serious injury – as “heroes” of Spanish football during an interview with the EFE Agency.

Casillas Photo

After reading a manifesto in Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) to urge the public authorities to work against the depopulation of the rural environment in Spain and Portugal, Del Bosque gave itself a crowd bath, acclaimed by hundreds of schoolchildren who wanted an autograph and a selfie.

In a review of football news, he had words of praise for Sevilla, one point in Madrid and Barcelona, and also called the season that Atletico Madrid are doing as “good”.

Although not active, he said he follows football with “the same intensity,” albeit without worry and without any responsibility.

Question: How does the football news go?

Response: With the same intensity i’ve always followed him. No worries and no responsibility, but with the same tendency to watch as many matches as you can first and second. I’m aware of everything. I see it with the passion that football has always moved me and I like it. And why am I going to change so much now?

Q: What issues are surprising you this season?

R: It is important that there are not major differences yet in the Spanish classification. Let’s be with a Seville one point from Madrid and Barcelona that command the classification. Atletico Madrid are having a good season. This year there seem to be fewer distances and that’s also important.

Q: Do you follow the lower categories of the Spanish national team?

R: I’m trying to stay on top of it. The lower categories of the Federation have worked very well for many years, we have marked a hegemony in the rest of Europe and the world. And also in women’s football, why not say, the tremendous boost that has given the national team and women’s football the Federation and also almost all clubs. It’s very good, because it puts us up to that equality that we all have to have. What is needed is that they lay the foundations for them to feel comfortable in the structure of Spanish football.

Q: About Santi Cazorla, a miracle.

R: I remember him a lot, firstly because he was one of our heroes and second lyfore because he recovered in Salamanca, under the hands of Juan Carlos (physiotherapist of the section with Del Bosque), who did not have much prominence, but who helped us to get better every day.

Photo by Cazorla

Q: Looks like Iker Casillas wants to come back.

R: It is a decision of Iker and I wish him the best and he is also another of those who have been heroes for the Spanish national football and national team. I wish you health and to do what you think is right.

Q: He has come to Ciudad Rodrigo to share a vindication with the young people.

R: Delighted to collaborate with them on this initiative and to have read a manifesto that highlights the importance of a matter (rural depopulation in Spain and Portugal) of vital importance to Spain. I have done it with pleasure, feeling in that exercise That I do permanently as a Salmanne, it has given me great joy to be able to do it.

Q: De Ciudad Rodrigo was Toñete, his mentor, who took him to Real Madrid.

R: Yes sir, I have to thank you, when I was 16 years old, you took me to Madrid. I went with some principles and part of what I am in life I owe to Real Madrid. And a very important part was Toñete, a good man, loving in every way and who had the appreciation of my whole family.

Q: In this current society, can help younger people?

R: Of course I do, I’m not saying it’s the only way to make good kids, but is going to make them happier, even not just for the physique, but for the mind. It is important that everyone has it, especially in that leisure time, that they use it to play transgaming.orgs.