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Depor savors an agonizing victory 20 games later – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Nothing around Deportivo is normal. This time the problem was the grass, heavily punished by the rains and the Wednesday Cup match between Bergantiños and Seville. One step away from the suspension was the match, which may be the last of the Louis Caesar era for the presidential change looming despite winning. And for the team to celebrate a triumph after 20 days, four long months of sentences, had to happen more, much more. A penalty missed at the start, a goal in the 21st by Christian Santos and… tie at 90′ de Suso after another VAR penalty. With the drama came the epic. Peru Nolaskoain’s goal in a corner on the last play. Agonizing and heroic victory. Victory to at least go on vacation thinking the miracle is possible.

Coat/Sports Flag

State of the field on the sidelines and miracles on the sidelines, the first emotion came from the VAR, with a review of Vicandi at a hand from Aitor Sanz at ten minutes. And the schoolboy, after seeing the images, decreed a penalty. Or penalty, as everyone wants to see it. Aketxe before Ortolá and… ex-deportivist goalkeeper’s stop. No half-gifted penalty. Another stick for the colista, who no longer has misfortune in the closet. But this time, instead of coming down, the Coruñes insisted. Large center of the Koné asset, splendid iron headof by Christian Santos to open the marker. Full performance of Luis César’s bet to play with two strikers. Like this 21 hours of game in a row racked up the Deportivo without seeing each other ahead, as if not to rub his eyes. So did Baraja seeing his lost team and as soft as the damaged pitch. So little bit, that Tenerife went to half-time without trying Dani Giménez.

Coat/Flag Tenerife

In the second act Tenerife took a step forward, though without too many lights until the quality of Luis Milla appeared. Great play, malbasic’s big shot and Dani Giménez’s best stop. Double merit for the increasingly deteriorating state of the camp. Gradually, tired, the party opened up so that again the islanders, through Elliot, were in danger. Twenty minutes ahead and panic in Riazor. Not so much for a great danger, rather because of the logical mistrust in yours. And with motives, because soon after Dani Gomez crashed a good header to the bar. Fear has already left a definite party. Canary harassment in front of a Depor looking to sentence with a con. And the party left the same protagonist of the beginning, the VAR. Montero Children’s Penalty after a kick kick kick. All lost, no. There was one left. There was a corner left in ’95 that Peru stamped on the net to end the curse.

Louis Caesar claims that he does not know if he will continue.

Deportivo’s coach Luis César Sampedro acknowledged that he does not know if he will continue to lead the team despite having achieved the first victory as a white manager (2-1 against Tenerife) in the 95th minute of his 11th match on the bench. “It seemed like we were going to have an unhappy ending as usual, but the dynamic has changed, we won a game, we’ve put ourselves ahead, we won in Copa, we hadn’t scored ball standing with me and i was already playing. I think he’s lit the flame and what needs to be done is for this team to continue on the path of good results,” he said. The coach indicated that the players, who had gone 19 games without winning, “are sensitive” because “they are having a terrible time.” “People do not choose to suffer, they do not choose to be in this situation but it is their turn and today they have taken an important step, the light is greater. They go to Christmas with the satisfaction of two games without losing and luck has changed these guys,” he said. He also said he feels “tremendous joy for the Depor, for the players” and for himself, that he “needed” cheering. “So far I’ve been encouraged by cheering on others, now I’m encouraged by this win and the others cheer ed on their own with the goal,” he said. Luis César admitted that after 1-1 he saw him “black” because he thought the team was going “fuck again”. Questioned about his future he said he “doesn’t depend” on him and so he doesn’t know if he’s going to “continue or not” being Deportivo’s coach.

Baraja says they made “a very serious mistake”

Tenerife’s coach, Rubén Baraja, has regretted the “Nice place to stay” which has led to his team’s defeat to Deportivo in the 95th minute on a corner. “The first part has been bad, we have not been well, but the Deportivo has taken advantage of the error that we have had and we make the 1-0. In the second part we have deserved much more, we have had four or five clearances to tie in addition to the penalty and with that point we had worked the final action is a very serious error of concentration”Said. The technician indicated that it was a consequence “of not being aware of what to be” and said that the defeat “leaves a very bitter taste.” “Twe have to be more focused, more responsible in those situations, because any detail makes you lose points and it was also the last action of the party. The final minute is to analyze it well. We can’t give away,” he said.


Dani Gomez (45′, Orange), Elliot Gomez (61′, Javier Alonso), Sasa Jovanovic (65′, Koné), Luis Ruiz (72′, Salva Ruíz), Suso (76′, Malbasic), Bergantiños (82′, Victor Mollejo)


1-0, 20′: Christian Santos, 1-1, 89′: Suso, 2-1, 94′: Peru Nolaskoain


Arbitrator: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido
Arbitro VAR: Damaso Arcediano Monescillo
Christian Santos (41′,Yellow) Konstantinos Lampropoulos (61′,Yellow) Luis Pérez (72′,Yellow) Vicente Gómez (81′,Yellow) Francisco Montero (91′,Yellow