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Deportivo offers Riazor to Bergantiños; the decision tomorrow – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Deportivo offers Riazor to Bergantiños; the decision tomorrow

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The problem of small team stadiums in the first round of the Copa del Rey is about to be solved. The Bergantiños, as reported by the Royal Spanish Football Federation in a press release, You have 24 hours to decide where you will play your draw against Sevilla. You will have four options and none of them will be like Eiroas, usual fief and for which the club fought until the last minute. Riazor, which was denied at first instance, is now at your disposal.

RFEF once went to the Bergantiños facility to assess whether As Eiroas met the necessary conditions. Finally sentenced no and gave the club a deadline to submit a new stadium proposal to play. Riazor's option was lifted, although the entity attached a letter in which it sought to demonstrate that his usual home failed to meet any of the requirements imposed. The federative body reaffirmed the refusal of As Eiroas and Deportivo did not give up his home due to lawn problems and spent only 48 hours from the previous meeting.

Thus, the Bergantiños remained a little powerless and without space to find a new solution. Deportivo offered Abegondo from his sports citybut he didn't convince the Third Division club because of the remoteness and difficulty of changing his hobby on a business day. Other Galician clubs, in solidarity with the resolution of the conflict, gave up the stadium. This is the case of the Municipal Stadium of San Lázaro in Santiago de Compostela and the Municipal Stadium of A Malata in Ferrol. These are two of the options that the rival of Seville will have, to which we must add the mentioned Abegondo and Riazor, after a gesture from Depor, despite the conditions of the lawn.

The decision shall be taken within 24 hours and, if not taken within this period, it shall be the Federation itself which shall choose the seat to consider. Bergantiños Fountains they point to the disbelief of how the situation developed and what will not be pronounced until tomorrow by the curves that the subject has taken. Although it seems that Riazor is the option that benefits everyone, RFEF explains in a statement that it would not be given for free, unlike Abegondo. Also, he wanted to thank "generosity and solidarity with the people of Carballo"from Deportivo de A Coruña.

On the table was also the possibility of Sánchez Pizjuán, as has happened with the duel between Atletico Antoniano and Real Betis, to be played at Benito Villamarín. However, unlike the Andalusian derby, the Federation understands that "this would mean adulteration of the competition as the stadium does not meet the criteria of geographical proximity" is that "violates the spirit of this competition's new format"A story that has been on the table for days and which, whether by decision on one side or the other, will be closed in 24 hours.

Why doesn't As Eiroas meet the conditions?

The Bergantiños sent to the Federation a document in which they were exposed, point by point, all the reasons why The Eiroas, or at least that guarantees the entity, is a valid seat and that meets the established criteria. For example, regarding the space between the pitch and spectators, the club plans to establish a control room with sufficient distance to ensure safety. It also explains that it achieves 350 lux average artificial lighting or that there is a limited area for the media to do its work.

Thus, and with the text as reference, the ball went to the RFEF field, which determined that the exposed measures did not comply with the marked parameters. Now in the press release, The Federation explains why As Airoas is not a valid stadium: minimum distance between the playground and spectators, artificial lighting less than 800 lux, no established minimum benches, no access controls or entry and exit routes, no dependencies for emergency clinic or working living areas for the media. The Bergantiños tried to explain in a statement how they would resolve these setbacks., but did not convince the federative body.

Chano Calvo: "The Federation deserves that the Bergantiños are not present"

In an interview with La Voz de Galicia, the club president, Chano Calvo was injured for not being able to host Sevilla in As Eiroas and charged the Federation for what happened. "I think, at the very least, we deserve an explanation to tell us what we failed. (…) You can't do that, give us a candy and then take it off. One option would be not to come, because that's what they deserve, and if we have to pay a fine, pay"said the club's CEO bluntly. Two weeks after the start of the new Copa del Rey, some procedures still need to be resolved. The future of the Bergantiños is one of them.