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DFB-Pokal “News” DFB investigates after racism incident on Schalke – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Injuries, place references and the pure reproach derailments – the long cup night on Schalke will be a replay. The control committee of the German Fu-Ball-Federal Association (DFB) on Wednesday announced an investigation.

And also the district club becomes the vorf’lle in a heated atmosphere. The statements of Hertha professional Jordan Torunarigha “about the rioted statements and sounds against him” are taken very seriously, according to a statement issued by the Football League on Wednesday.

Schalke hobby its zero-tolerance policy. “Together with the police, the security service and internal queln, such as the briefly opened #stehtauf contact point, the case will be brought out of action,” the club wrote.

While the authorities and the association are trying to identify the perpetrators or perpetrators, the debate about racism in football is gaining new momentum. “That wasn’t the way it was,” scolded Hertha coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who didn’t see his players sufficiently slammed by the refereeing team around Harm Osmers (Hannover). “Then you need fingertips, you have to snare the boy, calm him down and give his non-spéter nor the second yellow card.” The 22-year-old dark-blooded Torunarigha has seen the yellow-red card in the draw of the cup-crime, which Schalke won 3-2 after a 0-2 draw.

Wagner has to leave the interior after VAR use

After a foul by Schalke’s Omar Mascarell near the War-Torunarigha in Schalke coach David Wagner sausing and w-tend smashed a t-nke box on the ground. But not only the former German junior co-star-roots had to leave the field (100th minute), Wagner is also on the Tribengesgest after video evidence.

He didn’t understand. “I have zero declaration stake in the red card,” Wagner said. “The referee told me that I had the players on my neck. But I just want to help him get on his feet and calm him down.”

Schalke transgaming.orgs director Jochen Schneider, like Wagner, has already condemned himself after the match with the Berliners and Torunarigha and the fan behaviour. “There is zero tolerance. That is unacceptable and quite honest, nor is it understandable. I’m missing all the verst-ndnis fer Vollidioten this kind,” Schneider says clearly. “We will do everything we can to identify and impose consequences on those of us who are responsible for dafar. We will respond with sanctions and bring the incidents to the fore.”

That’s why there was no stadium announcement

Such behaviour not only violates the club’s stadium regulations, mission statement and statutes, but also “speaks more broadly to all our values,” Schalke said. Wagner was also horrified: “We can’t do that, we don’t need that, we don’t want that,” he said. “When it came up, it’s usually the case. I’m all with Jurgen. This is not the case.”

It remains somewhat unclear why Osmers did not intervene and – as recommended in such Fulen – an announcement he arranged the stadium microphone. After all, they drew attention to the monkey sounds from the audience, the Berliners emphasized.

According to Peter Sippel, head of training and qualification for the referee at the DFB, Osmers learned of the incident “for the first time after the regular season and before the end of the game.” He said this in the chatter with “” He was on the insults from Hertha transgaming.orgs director Michael Preetz. Since the incident, according to Osmers, occurred as early as the 70th minute, wre “no longer make the context” during an announcement, Sippel said.

M-like racism incident “overshadows the victory a little bit”

Basically, the code of conduct of the verbatim FIFA and UEFA in the case of discriminatory and raunchy incidents for the referee pre-emptively presage the possibility of intervening – in three stages: he can interrupt the game and the spectators by stadium announcement to refrain from discriminatory behavior; interrupt the game in the event of a replay and send the players a reasonable period of time in the locker room; Cancel the game after the R’ck language if the discriminatory behavior is appropriate or again.

For Schneider tr-bt the racism-affer in any case the joy ‘about the entry into the cup quarter-final quarter-finals in series, was even a club record. “I think that overshadows the victory a little bit,” Schneider said.