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DFB-Pokal” News” Torunarigha’s Youth in Chemnitz: “Always Again” – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Jordan Torunarigha was at schalke’s cup game. Even as a child, Hertha’s defender swelled to hate in Chemnitz.

Flying lighters, monkey sounds, insults: Jordan Torunarigha had a nightmare evening during the cup game on Schalke. Hertha’s dark-faced defender ran over the court with traws. The hostility was not new to him. Even as a child, the son of one of the Randdsian father has under the ordered insults.

Torunarigha spent the first eight years of his life with his family in Chemnitz. His father Ojokojo was from Gabon in 1990 shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, received a contract with Chemnitz FC and was one of the first blacks in the East Fueball. Son Jordan emulated his example, wants to become Fueballer and already get enh to sprout that he was not always welcome.

“In Chemnitz some parents did not accept my friends frerene freher,” Jordan Torunarigha reported about his early years as a kicker. “I look weird when it comes to football. Not from the children who don’t know racism. But I’ve always had an ablanity verse from their parents.”

Torunarigha’s father suffered vile insults

On Thursday afternoon, he took to Instagram to share his eye. “I was born in Chemnitz, I lived through it all in my youth. My parents were insulted. That’s why i’m like a situation like Schalke,”” the professional wrote.

Chemnitz is still scene-racist hostility. Chemnitz FC has been dealing with far-right attacks from the surrounding area for months last year. In September, business director Thomas Sobotzik, discouraged and frustrated by his office, who has to deal with insults and threats from parts of the fans (“Judensau”). Finally, things get a little quieter around the CFC.

Torunarigha’s father Ojokojo was already a victim of blightery in Chemnitz in the 1990s. “Discrimination lurked altogether,” the now 49-year-old told Bild newspaper. “I was chased through the city at a city festival. The police didn’t help me until they realized I was a football pro,” the African recalled.

Torunarigha flies off the pitch at Schalke

Trace the family to Berlin-Spandau, the hostilities became much less, according to father Ojokojo. Jordan joined the Hertha juniors in 2006 and stood out there with good performances. He went through several DFB selection teams and made the jump to the regional league team at the age of 18. At the end of 2016, the defender gave his debét to the pros under coach P.L. D’rdai.

Torunarigha has always been considered a great talent, but often temperament and impulsiveness stand in his way. The 1.89m defensive specialist also swore his team through his yellow-red card, which he received, to a tackle box on the edge of the pitch.

“Maybe sometimes he has to get a better grip on his emotions,” said Father Ojokojo, who also explained that racist hostility is incredibly hurting. “Many who now rise up and have a cunning opinion do not know what it feels like to be insulted in a borderline.”