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Di María regains her throne for her 50th – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Di María regains her throne for her 50th - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Ligue 1 Conforama’s best passer-by this season with Islam Slimani, Paris Saint-Germain player Angel Di Maria crossed the 50-assist mark in the league on the 19th.

Back to the top. Angel Di Maria regained his throne as the best passer-by in the championship, which he had abandoned during the 32ndE Ligue 1 Conforama last season. The Argentine must share it with Islam Slimani of Monaco for the time being.

A symbolic bar

Angel Di Maria finishes 2019 in style. Author of another assistance to offer a double to Kylian Mbappé on Saturday night against Amiens SC, the number 11 Paris Saint-Germain has reached a new milestone: the 50 assists in Ligue 1 Conforama. With his eighth goal of the season, Di Maria joins Islam Slimani of Monaco at the top of the league’s best passes standings.

A preference is shown

Angel Di Maria, the main distributor of paris Saint-germain caviar, has delivered three-quarters of his passes to Kylian Mbappé since the start of the season. In fact, the Argentine has 6 offers for the French international against only one for Icardi and Neymar on credit. This is the preferred circuit at Paris Saint-Germain this season.

Towards a new record?

Author of a very good first part of the season, Angel Di Maria is based on the 2015/16 exercise where he finished best passerby in the league with 18 passes on the clock. By mid-season in the current exercise, the Argentine is on the same base with already 8 passes on the counter (compared to 9 in 2015/2016).

Ligue 1 Conforama smugglers’ ranking

Ligue 1 Conforama, Round 19

FCO Dijon vs. FC Metz: 2-2
0-1: DIALLO goal, no assists
1-1: AMALFITANO target, no assistance
2-1: BalDE goal, LAUTOA assist
2-2: MA-GA goal, dial it help

Marseille – Nimes Olympique: 3-1
1-0: Goal by ALAKOUCH (against his side)
2-0: BENEDETTO goal, no assists
3-0: PAYET goal, RADONJIC attendance
3-1: BrianCON goal, FERHAT ASSIST

AS Monaco v. LOSC: 5-1
0-1: OSIMHEN target, IKONE assistance
1-1: Goal by G. MARTINS, ben yedder assist
2-1: BalDE goal, attendance by AGUILAR
3-1: Ben YEDDER goal, no assists
4-1: Goal by BEN YEDDER, assist from AGUILAR
5-1: GLIK goal, assist by A. SILVA (kick stopped)

Montpellier Hérault SC – Stade Brestois 29: 4-0
1-0: Goal laborde, no assists
2-0: Goal from SAVANIER (penalties)
3-0: Goal laborde, no assists
4-0: MOLLET goal, no assists

FC Nantes v Angers SCO: 1-2
1-0: BLAS goal, no assists
1-2: The megoal of EL MELALI, a-T NOURI assistance

OGC Nice v Toulouse FC: 3-0
1-0: SARR goal, CYPRIEN assistance (kick stopped)
2-0: BOUDAOUI objective, LEES-MELOU assistance
3-0: LeES-MELOU goal, help from CLAUDE-MAURICE

Paris Saint-Germain v Amiens SC: 4-1
1-0: MBAPPE target, NEYMAR assistance
2-0: NEYMAR target, ICARDI help
3-0: MBAPPE target, DI MARIA assistance
3-1: MENDOZA goal, DIABATE assist
4-1: ICARDI target, BERNAT assistance

Stade de Reims – Olympique Lyonnais: 1-1
0-1: TOUSART Target, Assistance from T. MENDES
1-1: CAFARO goal (penalti)

Stade Rennais FC – Girondins de Bordeaux: 1-0
1-0: NIANG goal, FROM CASTILLO assist

RC Strasbourg Alsace – AS Saint-Etienne: 2-1
1-0: AJORQUE target, CACI assistance
1-1: THOMASSON objective, CACI assistance
2-1: BouDEBOUZ objective (penalties)