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Discover Lorca Deportiva: "Familiar, ambitious and humble" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Discover Lorca Deportiva: "Familiar, ambitious and humble"

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Lorca Deportiva doesn't live her best moment. Not in sports, with the team in the Playoffs Promotion area for Second Division B. But in the administrative affairs. There are delinquency issues, many players have left the club for this reason and AFE had to intervene by paying monthly payments to some soccer players. They read an official statement on the lawn, asking the council to resign and condemn their situation. A true drama that little by little it seems to be resolved with the arrival of Hugo Issa, a new investor, who will assume the payment of pending payrolls in exchange for a reduction in the entity's budget.

Seen as seen, this is not party time. "As is the situation of the club, it is better that the captain speaks"said a Lorca Deportiva employee when AS contacted her. She said and did, Andrés Carrasco He was responsible for answering the proof of this newspaper. After all, the bracelet holder hid illusion in his words. Illusion of advancing a historic opportunity. The player is already used to facing these levels when last season played with the Villanovense the first round against Seville. Now he does this with his club and his unconditional hobby and would be willing to do anything if they can lift the trophy. An unbeatable medicine, no doubt for financially relieve an entity that has been on the verge of bankruptcy sometimes.

Andrés Carrasco, in the AS test:

1. The new Copa del Rey is …
Exciting for everyone.

2. Who do you dream of facing in this new format?
If I talk about those who might have touched us in the first round, I would have liked Betis or teams nearby.

3. Which Spanish soccer player have you signed up for on your team?
I would sign Joaquin Betis.

4. Choose: Reach the Copa del Rey semifinals or climb this season.
Ascend this year. It is the most viable and main goal of the season. Maybe in the economy the King's Cup can do better with the club, but I'm getting the rise.

5. Define your club in three words.
Familiar, ambitious and very humble.

6. Define the place your club represents in three words.
Cozy, we have been fooled more than once with football teams and are easily deluded.

7. What does your team play?
We like to be protagonists of the ball, but also very intense without it.

8. What is your best memory of Copa del Rey?
I have two. When last year I played Villanovense in the first round against Sevilla, we were close to eliminating them. We were 0-0 in the first leg and 0-1 in the round. And I also remember because of my friendship with Javi Rosa, who was in Formentera, the draw against Athletic, who managed to eliminate them in a double game. Pulling from the newspaper library, since my childhood, a Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid, which in the qualifying was 5-4.

9. Eliminating the rival would be a feat, which is the biggest thing he remembers in football?
Alavés's at UEFA when he reached the final. In the national competition, that Numancia in the Copa del Rey, which eliminated several First Division.

10. The new Copa del Rey invites you to dream, do you dare to challenge if you win the trophy?
Buf … I'd put things that don't depend on me. It is very difficult, we are wise, but if that happened, I would do whatever was necessary.

The Sports Lorca, in data

Full name: Lorca Deportiva Football Club.
Locality representing: Lorca (93,079 inhabitants).
Province: Murcia.
Usual stage: Francisco Artés Carrasco (8,120 spectators).
Category: Third Division Group XIII.