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Dortmund will not find a Klopp clone – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Peter Stöger defended the work of BVB coach Lucien Favre. Finding a coach like Jürgen Klopp again is wishful thinking, Stöger said kicker,

BVB will not find a Klopp clone. "If you take his achievements and especially his popularity, he has topped Liverpool's level again. No need to put on Klopp's shoes. To keep up with Klopp, you have to deliver right," said the 53-year-old Austrian manager who led BVB between December 2017 and June 2018.

Stöger therefore sees current Borussia coach Lucien Favre "not as questioned as it may be in Dortmund": "He is still in the middle of a draw for the top positions."

Peter Stöger: BVB did a lot right

In general, BVB did much right in the summer and "brought players with speed, with personality". Stöger does not want to know about the much-cited mentality problem in Dortmund. "Keeper Bürki is one with personality, of course Hummels too, Witsel too, and if another type, Marco Reus. He plays things about the game, therefore is a personality. It's probably there already," he said.

Stöger thinks his ex-club can win the Bundesliga title. He has worked as sports director in Austria Vienna since the summer. Austria currently ranks seventh in the Austrian Bundesliga.