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Doukouré is discharged and ends his ordeal – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Doukouré is discharged and ends his ordeal - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Cheick Doukouré sees the light after a long injury and after different relapses and eleven months after being injured to Real Madrid on February 24, 2019, he stepped on the turf again. The Costa Rican midfielder has yet to burn stages, but his debut for Huesca looks closer. The Azulgranas signed him on the last day of the summer market and successive spills in his left knee, which had been operated on by the torn cruciate ligament, forced him to go through the operating room again.

Without haste but without pause, it is the motto that has chosen the medical body of the Huesca Sports Society to see again the midfielder on loan from the Levant on the pitches. There is not yet a specific date that marks the reappearance of the African medium, but everything indicates that the path traveled over the last few months is correct and that its presence in The Plans of Michel Sánchez will no longer be a chimera. His first step was to put aside the gym and jump onto the lawn of the Pyramid Institute to begin a personalized work.

The Blue-winged coach has been yearning for months for the return of the 27-year-old footballer. His team loses steam in the final minutes of the matches and the presence of a lung like that of the Ivory Coast international could be key in the bluegrains’ plans. In addition to the long-awaited return of Cheick Doukouré, which will not be before mid-February, the club is looking at the market for the arrival of another midfielder. Seoane does not enter Into Michel’s plans and the transgaming.orging direction wants a player who can complete the bluegrain spinal.

Jovanovic will discuss his future in Huesca

Aleksandar Jovanovic is in the high-altitude capital and in the coming days will look for a new destination to come out on loan again. The Serbia-international goalkeeper was on loan until December at the Danish first division Aarhus and will now be re-borrowed. The goal did not enter into Míchel’s plans from the beginning of last pre-season and in principle will not compete for a position with Alvaro Fernández, Rubén Yáñez and Antonio Valera.