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"Dreams of the air", story of a falconer: Jorge Castaño – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


"Dreams of the air", story of a falconer: Jorge Castaño

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The presentation was missing no one. The corridors that are accessed through the Metropolitan Wanda's 48th gate are full of nervousness, frenzy and excitement before a game. There were family, friends (the Carmona brothers, Rafa de Hombres G), Enrique Cerezo, Atlético President Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, CEO, they were above all, their hawks. At 13:00, the rojiblanco stadium showed the world its most cinematic side: it was presented The air dreams, the documentary that reviews the life and trajectory of Jorge Castaño, Atlético's falconer. This is your place of work. The rojiblanco stadium.

19 years ago and the years Jorge Castaño knocked on Vicente Calderón's door with a proposal: The pigeons had taken the old field. There were thousands everywhere, and they defecated, and died, and stayed there, they with their diseases. Jorge had the solution in his hands. Take care of a football pitch with hawks. Today other clubs do this but he was the first falconer to do so. "This guy is crazy!" They thought the first time, remembered to smile yesterday and had the great luck to meet Miguel (Gil Marín). He told me: “I believe in your project and this is your home. "19 years later, it still is. The CEO himself revealed in the documentary, one hour and six minutes long, plans around Jorge and his hawks. "Today is a service that was good for the club from now on It will be a service that will begin to know and value athletes"as a program that will receive more data when assembled.

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FOOTBALL 19 / 20Photo of one of Jorge's hawks and the documentary poster.

& # 39; Man and the earth & # 39;, inspiration

David Calvo is the director of the documentary ("almost a long one," joked Jorge). One day, he approached the falconer, after being interviewed, and made the proposal: "I'm a movie director, it seems to me that your life, your work, what you do know very little I would like to make a documentary"That was the germ of Dreams of the Air, the closing of a circle: Jorge fell in love with the hawks as a child, in front of a screen, watching Man and earth. In this show, he heard about a book, The Art of Falconrywritten by Frederick II in the 13th century. When years later he stepped on the Calderón's grass, he already knew how to whistle like a hawk. Speak their language, feel them, send them. And cross the screen, with your work, with your art. Movie