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Eintracht Frankfurt vs. RB Salzburg: Tickets, Dates, Matches – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


You want tickets fer the matches of Eintracht Frankfurt against RB Salzburg? SPOX shows you how and where you get it.

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Eintracht Frankfurt v RB Salzburg: Tickets

If you want to watch the matches of the Frankfurter Eintracht against RB Salzburg live in the stadium, it will be anything but easy.

The opening match in Frankfurt is sold out for the 40,000 European Cup season tickets sold out by the SGE. For holders of a card, the Eintracht has on their homepage:

“All holders of the European Cup season tickets (40,000 plugs) do not measure any further steps. Tickets for the upcoming home game of Round 32 will be delivered from mid-January 2020 and the relevant invoice will be debited from the deposited account by SEPA direct debit.”

Fer the Runckspiel in Salzburg the situation is different: Here there is a sale of the individual tickets, preferably will be treated owners of various loyalty cards of the bull club.

Since RB expects a large demand, the ‘Austrian club writes on its homepage: “A free sale of the tickets is not to be assumed.”

So far there are no exact details about Ausw-rtstickets for the R’ckspiel, the SGE refers to the pending talks with RB and the sGE refers to the outstanding talks with RB and the two quick infos.