Spanish football

El Castilla falls into a potato – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Castilla lost in Luanco to Marino in a match with hardly any football. The countryside, a real potato, prevented it. The players had enough effort to stand. Trying to play football, a utopia. With that panorama, the encounter turned into an airball fight because the only way you could link several passes in a row was to prevent the ball from touching the ‘green’. Or rather the mud, because grass there was little.

Pedro and Saha, the towers of each team above, became the main protagonists. The midfielders went through the game unnoticed, because the ball went straight from the defender to the front. In that battle the Marino, more accustomed to that other football, was superior. Although at 8′ the pitch also played a bad pass: a Madrid defender’s mistake left Saha against Belman, but drove the ball to stumbles and ended up wasting it.

At half an hour of play, Castile had its clearest chance to change the course of a outcome that seemed inevitable. He focused Fran García from the left and the ball, rejected by Trabanco, nearly sneaked into the porter in Porrón. The goalkeeper avoided him and only three minutes later De la Fuente sinned with a pardillo. In one of the many scabs in the area he threw himself to the ground and clearly knocked Lora down. The former Sporting has returned to the midfielder, a demarcation he occupied in his early life before being converted to a side. Alex Arias didn’t waste the opportunity and made the first one from the 11 meters.

In the second half the Castile was desperated. Raul changed the system: he went on to play with two points to take advantage of Pedro’s extensions. There was no way. The Castile maintains its irregular dynamics, although this time little can be blamed on the subsidiary. What was seen in Luanco was not football. You have to find him another name…