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El Celta B – Castilla, suspended for heavy rains in Galicia – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


El Celta B – Real Madrid Castilla, scheduled for tomorrow Saturday at 15:45 in Vigo in a new round of the League in Second Division B, will not be played finally due to the heavy rains that have fallen on Galicia in the last few hours and that they are expected to continue to fall. The condition of the field was not suitable and it has been decided to change the date bereavement to avoid major problems. Raúl’s team was already on its way to the city and has turned around in the middle of the road. They’ll arrive in the capital in the early hours.

Early in the afternoon, the Galician Federation reported the suspension of all matches in the Autonomous Community Saturday, December 21. However, the power of the body only influences the categories over which it has competence. That is, his communiqué suspended the meetings Third Division and lower categories, but not the mourning of subsidiaries.

Subsequently the Royal Spanish Football Federation confirmed that the safest thing was to postpone also the Celtic B – Castilla and the Madridist entity reported this through a statement. The date on which it will be played is unknown, although for the time being the games scheduled for Sunday have not yet been suspended. Nor will the first Iberdrola meeting between Deportivo and Real Sociedad be contested.

Full communiqué of the Galician Federation:

Having regard to the alert sent by the Directorate General of Emergencies and Interior for episodes of adverse weather phenomenon in Galicia, the closure of transgaming.orgs facilities by numerous town halls in different areas of Galicia and the state of the pitches due to the abundant rain that fell during the week, and in the use of the powers conferred by Article 114 of the Statutes of the RFGF, is agreed:

Suspension of all official competitions both state and regional
affecting the matches to be played on Saturday, December 21, 2019, remaining unchanged the day of Sunday the 22nd, with the exception of the town halls that have also closed their facilities on Sunday 22 December 2019.