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El Fuenlabrada at the door of Luca Zidane's merit – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


On no day has Racing been so superior and had the game as controlled as the first 75 of the duel with Fuenlabrada. 2-0 and the on-screen rival, much closer to the third than a scare from Madrid. Mere wasn't that tough team competing with the knife between teeth since LaLiga Smartbank started. I was grogi. And in those, on the same face as the referee, to Mario Ortiz slapped him mercilessly on Ciss's shin (which two minutes before he left a message for him). Red book.

Shield / Racing Flag

And then Racing died. The numerical inferiority, the embarrassment of the ball stopped every day and the psychological effect of 2-1 (of course, although it occurred after a referee error since the last player was a Fuenla player) left the Cantabrians on the way. In the last 10 & # 39; with Cristobal trying to resurrect the dead and Mere pinching himself with the gift that fate has placed at his fingertips, there were only options for the azulones. Even the lively Cantabria grandstand crumbled. The game started with the most intense, most involved races, with the three local quarterbacks and Sergio Ruiz dominating the game with pleasure.. The 1-0, the typical quick kick of a foul as the defending team watches the ships, was a clear reflection of Fuenla's lack of intensity. Although it costs God the team and helps close the games, control of the game was so evident, with Luca from a distant bystander, that it looked like all the fish sold. But not. The red one.

Shield / Flag Fuenlabrada

That a player with the experience of Mario Ortiz makes the self-expulsion mistake is not common, but it happens. What worries Cristóbal Parralo most is the ease with which his team got rid of them like a sugar bowl, with no mental reserve to hold on. Mero Hermoso, on the other hand, despite the final hit, will take his time at El Sardinero to show his players that if they don't give 120%, they will have to suffer. Although they have mattresses.


Mario Ortiz (4 & Kitoko) Ismaila Ciss (54 & Álex Vallejo), Jeisson Martínez (58 ° Oriol Riera), Aristote Nkaka (72 & # 39;, Cejudo), Oscar Gil (78 & # 39 ;, David Rodriguez), Hector (Antonio Antonio Cristian)


1-0, 7 & # 39 ;: Juanma, 2-0, 51 & # 39 ;: Cejudo, 2-1, 77:: Antonio Cristian, 2-2, 83:: Juanma


Referee: Jon Ander González Esteban
VAR Referee: Alejandro Muñiz Ruiz
Jordi (21 amarelo, yellow) Bunuel (25 amarelo, yellow) Oriol Riera (56,, Yellow) Juanma (64 amarelo, yellow) Ismaila Ciss (65 amarelo, yellow) Luca Zidane (68 amarelo, yellow) Cejudo (72 amarelo, yellow) Mario Ortiz (73 & # 39; red