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Eleven of the 19th of Diario AS at LaLiga SmartBank – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


O Nineteenth day of the LaLiga SmartBank It had eleven protagonists that we detail below. Stuani (Girona) was the best player of the day with a hat trick against Lugo. Great weekend for defenders, who scored Glauder and Juanma (Fuenlabrada), Escassi (Numancia) and Guitián (Zaragoza). In addition, Pozo (Rayo), Viera (Las Palmas), Sadiku (Malaga) and Bárcenas (Oviedo) have doubled.


Dimitrievski (Rayo Vallecano)

Lightning surprised with their victory in Alcoraz, and is that all red-haired players were flag, starting with the goal. Dimitrievsky left one of the dry strikers with more goals in the category and many merit stops for the gallery. To do so, he pulled his good reflexes and agility. With Alberto's injury, Lightning's season depends heavily on Dimi.


Glauder (Fuenlabrada)

One of the proper names of the great season of Azulona. Algecireño is one of Mere's essentials on the left side, thanks to its claw, tactical order and aerial play. These last two qualities were made clear on the visit to El Sardinero. Glauder managed to manipulate an electric Yoda and, in addition, added another goal to his scoring account in a strategy play.

Scarassi (Numancia)

The central Soriano club is a set for their team: leader, kick and top scorer. In Carrion's massive defeat at Gran Canaria stadium, the center was one of his best players showing off his fight. In addition, he completed the game with a foul goal, which the Canary goalkeeper could barely reach.

Guitián (Zaragoza)

This Zaragoza dreams of bringing the long-awaited promotion to Primera he has been waiting for so long. To do this, Guitián and his defensive teammates will have to balance and, before Deportivo, they gave a good taste of what they are capable of. The Cantabrian was the leader of this wall and was responsible for the advancement of his people in Riazor.

Juanma (Fuenlabrada)

Fuenlabrada captain Juanma personifies everything that this team means. Pride, humility and courage. The central overcame his own goal in the eighth minute with the equalizer and the end of the game. However, he never neglected his defensive tasks.


Well (lightning)

One of the best games of your career. Pozo pulled the car out of a lightning bolt that had not won six days and did so in one of the most complicated fields in the category, such as El Alcoraz. Double to scare doubts. In the first goal, he made a hole with a spectacular touch, beating Álvaro Fernández by the right club. In the second, he took advantage of a rejection.

Puado (Zaragoza)

Second consecutive week watching the door. The Espanyol midfielder was once again one of the most outstanding players of the match: he scored one goal and scored another. His goal reached the end of the break with a perfect header after a pass from Javi Ros. In his presence, big pass between the lines for the subsequent individual game of Luis Suarez.

Viera (Las Palmas)

Always present to lead Las Palmas. It is in an exceptional condition. Double against Numancia to earn five goals in the last three games. Before Sorianos, he opened the scoring with a penalty goal. The second came after recovering a recovery within the area.

Top scorers

Bárcenas (Oviedo)

The Panamanian striker is finding his best version with the passing games. Prior to Alcorcón, he scored a vital double to win in Santo Domingo. On his first goal, he caught a fabulous pass between Ortuño's lines and, after facing Miralles, crossed to the opposite post. In the second, he had a fortune: a good attack from within the area, which after touching a defense, eventually poisoned.

Sadiku (Malaga)

Another player who won with a double. Six goals are already the Albanian striker from Malaga. In the first goal, he was ready to catch a rebound inside the area. In the second half, he had a great opportunity to increase his bill, with a whip from outside the area that Ortolá cleared. His second goal came from a penalty.

Stuani (Girona)

Unstoppable Uruguayan. The best player of the day once again. Against Lugo, he scored the three goals of his team. Add six in the last three days and take 16 so far this season. In his first goal, he was attentive to a decision of Djaló and Cantero. The second came on the penalty with a panenka kick; and in the third, a game of Maffeo ended.