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Eriksen marks and Conte keeps pulling his ears – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Eriksen marks and Conte keeps pulling his ears - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Inter Milan won their corresponding Europa League match against Ludogorets 2-0 yesterday. Romelu Lukaku closed the meeting for theirs, but minutes earlier it had been Christian Eriksen who, with a shot from the front of the area, managed to open the can by signing his first as an intern.


He played the full game, the first time since signing for Inter who was on the grass for more than an hour. And despite his goal, his coach, Antonio Conte, still demands “much more”. If a few days ago he said he wasn’t going to get him in the headlines arguing that they got the lead in the Serie A “without him,” yesterday at a press conference he explained that despite his good performance he needs to improve a lot: “He did well tonight, but he’s got a lot of work to do and he can do it much, much better.”

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*Data updated as of February 21, 2020

The coach seems to think that he is still inshort of rhythm when distributing the ball and believes that he is far from the best level shown in the Tottenham: “I’m happy for the goal, which always helps me to be more confident, but needs to rediscover the tempo and intensity so strong I had in matches in previous years.”

The Italian coach thinks that the Danish midfielder is not 100 percent, but he is aware that he is a footballer who makes a difference and that he can bring interesting things to his team, either by being part of the starting eleven or coming out from the banqu Illo: ‘He’s not fully fit yet, but we’re in no hurry and we’re not anxious about it. We know we hire a player who can increase the level of quality from the first minute or from the bench. I think the best thing for Inter and to integrate a player in the best possible way, wherever you are, you have to think about other things. Undoubtedly, he can do much better as well as the rest of the team. I think it’s best for Inter. It’s different from others.”

Conte regretted going to tow during the first half, allowing his opponent to dominate the game, although he did like what he saw in the second half: “The tempo was too slow in the first part and we adapted to the way Ludogorets wanted. After the resumption we changed the pace and intensity, moved the ball faster, scored two goals and created other opportunities.”

Finally, he explained that the Europa League will serve many players who do not usually enter the rotations to have minutes, since they play a lot in the Italian championship and can not take out the same eleven both on weekdays and on weekends : “Our europa league journey will have rotations and we will use this tournament to give playing time to those who haven’t had much room. We will not forget that it is a competition that can take you to affect you on a physical and mental level and if you think about playing with the same team juves and Sunday”.