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Erisksen again rejects United pending Madrid – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Christian Eriksen remains unrenewed with Tottenham. He seems determined to listen to offers in the summer to go to the team he chooses at zero cost and surely charging more than if his destination club spent the money on a transfer to have it sooner. Real Madrid And Juventus they’re lurking, but Manchester United, who saw the Dane reject them last summer, want to try to convince the Spurs to sell it to them next month to get ahead of the competition.


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Tottenham could use the operation, because if they wait they’ll see one of their cracks go out the door without leaving a coin in the coffers. To Manchester United as well, as he needs a midfielder to lift the flight in the Premier League and waiting at the end of the season could be a mistake. In addition, that could help unlock Paul Pogba’s departure and sell the Frenchman to Real Madrid would cause the white club to forget Eriksen.

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The Dane didn’t dislike transgaming.orging either, as he doesn’t play the ninety minutes in the Premier League since 3 November and be a substitute with the Euro around the corner would get him with less filming to the date. Economically, on the other hand, it is in his best interest to wait and seems quite certain that Real Madrid, for which he has let himself be wanted on more than one occasion, is the best option.

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As Mirror, United Vice President Ed Woodward would put 20 million pounds (23.5 million euros) on the table to try to convince Daniel Levy, who already said in his day that he doesn’t care that the player is going to a rival from the same league. They are aware that in the summer they asked for 60 million pounds (70.5 million euros), but every day that passes the 27-year-old footballer comes out cheaper. The problem is that his intention does not seem to be to play in Old Trafford, but in the Santiago Bernabéu.

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Meanwhile Jose Mourinho, his coach, has made it clear that he wants him to renew, but on the other hand, he knows that a number of conditions must be given for that to happen, and it does not seem that he will convince the midfielder, even though he has succeeded Jan Vertonghen: “All I’m going to say about Christian Eriksen is that I want him to sign a new contract. I think a player signs a contract when the club, the player, the family and the agent want to. If one of those parts doesn’t want it, it’s very difficult to happen unless the player changes his representative and the new one wants.” Thus, insinuating that some of the blame may be his agent, Mourinho left the decision to Eriksen, who already knows that he will have no trouble finding equipment now or in a few months.