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Escassi: "Let's go to Girona, don't shrink in front of anyone" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Numancia returned from Las Palmas with a defeat. The Sorianos did not succeed with Pepe Mel's team and, as Escassi indicated after yesterday's training, they found a team: “Intense, difficult and hungry. Las Palmas dominated us more than the bill. He subjected us and the truth is that we were not well, especially in the pressure. ” The fourth captain did not hide the sadness that the defeat meant, but likewise, the wardrobe wants to turn the page as quickly as possible, so we have to beat Girona on Friday: “Mistakes must be corrected and before Girona, we have to give everything to add the three points. "Soria's team has chased the worst run of the season by racking up two losses and two draws in the last four games, so Escassi sends a message of reassurance and hope to the fans: the same team that won three straight wins and he was at stake. This team is confident that they can do things correctly. We have to get back the best feelings. And before Girona, it's the best opportunity to regain intensity and be the difficult and hungry group ”.

Once again, Malaga has achieved a goal of direct foul, becoming five goals in the red pichichi, one central is the maximum producer of Numancia: “Yes, it was a great goal, but remains anecdotal, since nothing changed. I want to score goals for my team to score points and from Las Palmas we are empty, ”he said. Regarding Friday's rival Alberto Escassi has indicated that he is one of the roosters in the category, so it should be used with caution: “It's a great team. He comes from the First Division and is one of the candidates to climb. But Girona does not scare us. We do not shrink in front of anyone, because throughout the championship we have already shown that we can beat anyone. Of course, Girona will be a tough opponent, ”said the player.

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Curro Sánchez on the wire

Curro Sánchez's participation on Friday in LaLiga Smartbank's 21st day match is not confirmed and, again, the reds could have a significant decline in Huelva. Despite doing much of Tuesday's working session with the rest of the group, the player retired to the locker rooms under the supervision of the coaching staff. It would be very hurried to see Curro against Girona, and Carrión expects to be able to count on the player in the last appointment of the year, who will play Numancia at Ramón de Carranza against Cadiz. Noguera was also not in session, suffering from muscle discomfort or the usual Admonio and Oyarzun.