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Espanyol Cpadevila: "The rival will demand a lot" – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


"When you look them in the eye, they convey what they want"says Joan Capdevila about the Espanyol players. And abounds: “They are no longer upside down, this team changed the chip and they go ahead. So far, the team has taken the claws. ”The parakeet club's transgaming.orgs spokesman added that next Sunday“ 11 warriors will depart in Leganés. And those in the bank too. Before Betis, I liked everything that happened except the result. "

Shield / Flag Espanyol

In an appearance in the transgaming.orgs city to assess the draw for the 32-round of the Europa League against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Capdevila said that “Europe is now our illusion. It's a competition that attracts everyone, the trip to Birmingham is even comfortable for fans. "" He is a rival who will demand a lot from us, but there are still many days left. You need to see how we get both teams that the model is available. He is a big rival with very important players, and overcoming the draw creates a tremendous illusion. ”reiterated the spokesman, who agreed with the coach of the "wolves", being both players of Deportivo: "He is an excellent person."

Back in the present, he considers Capdevila, who faced Betis el Espanyol, “a step forward. He managed to score just one point, but added more things, such as fellowship with fans. Yesterday we saw the true Espanyol we all want. This model knows the way forward. The model is more excited than ever. If we were optimistic before, now more. The difficulty is still there, but the sensations are different and now we are better than a few weeks ago. "

Asked about hiring in the winter market, the parakeet spokesman replied that “The club is working to incorporate players that improve what exists, but we must not forget that we have a week with two competitions. We focus on getting around the Copa del Rey and getting three points from Butarque. ”.