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Espanyol keeps his goal bleeding against – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


One of Pablo Machín's missions when he took over Espanyol was to provide the team with better defensive security. So far, the parakeet has only scored one goal: 0-0 against Alavés, who was the first point in LaLiga, thanks in part to two Diego López saves in the last few minutes. of the meeting.

Shield / Flag Espanyol

But Eight encounters after the arrival of coach Soriano, the goals against continue to happen. Gone are Espanyol in their first meetings when they managed to lose just 0-1 to Villarreal and win 0-1 to Levante with a goal from Bernardo Espinosa in the corner. Since then, the goals against continue to accumulate each day and with 30 parakeets are already the most goals of the championship.

"The same is true with dynamics. We are alive, with faith and commitment. This is a difficult situation. We try to get more awards, but things happen as they come. You have to grow within the difficulty. We need to rescue the positive side of this meeting, "said the Colombian central.

Machín leaves the system of three central tracks and two still. The lack of defensive solvency is added to the lack of attack, a systemic problem of the team that is backing you. "We are not completely satisfied, but we should take what you add. We have improved on the last meeting against Osasuna. We were competitive, we put Madrid in difficulties." The starting level was high. Goals make a difference. If you do not dial, you risk being dialed. Each player has shown responsibility, "added Bernardo.

The Colombian center, which played everything with Soriano, said "we should believe in the referee's criteria" but made it clear that "there are decisions that mark a before and after." Leaving the goal at zero will be critical in the next match. The Espanyol is just worth starting to add three to three. "You need to get mini goals, focus on the game and not be obsessed with winning," said the Colombian.