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Espanyol’s 1st against Lleida in Copa del Rey – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Espanyol's 1st against Lleida in Copa del Rey - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Pablo Machín’s qualified for the third round of the Copa del Rey in a match more suffering than it should have been a priori. The whiteish, pink, white and black, proposed very little in attack and again showed their defensive felinies.

Andrés Prieto, 5: Frozen

He spent most of the party warming up. Lleida created little danger and the cold did not help to withstand the ninety minutes in tension.

Lluís Lopez, 5: Uncomfortable

With no clear exits and demanded from his side, he did not convey much peace of mind during the first half. Not having a fixed mark causes you to lose position at times.

Naldo, 6: Portento

He kept his solidity defensive. He excelled over rivals and teammates. Insurance above and in the hedges.

Javi Lopez, 5: Aguerrido

At first he was encouraged to break lines by driving the ball from behind, but the thicket of the match boxed him back, in a position, that of left-handed centre, to which he is not accustomed.

Pipe, 5: Impaling

In the schoolyard, he would have been called a sucker. He wanted to speed up the game with vigorous climbs. He failed to connect and most of them died before reaching a danger zone.

Pol Lozano, 5: Atolondrado

They spent so few balls in the midfield that the expectations of seeing how the team exercised little faded, and their patience too. Overcome by the lack of creativity of the team. Better in defense than attack.

Iturraspe, 6: Subtle

With subtle touches he proved to be the most footballer of the match. However, its characteristics do not determine matches and it also caught the game farcical.

Pedrosa, 5: Spigot

He tried to do damage on the left, but with little order, too much haste and some lack of concentration. Quieter, with the scoreboard in favor, he put a very good center for Wu Lei’s second.

Wu Lei, 7: Relieved

He started the nervous party, rushing needlessly and with little determination. A great assist from Piatti left him alone in front of goalkeeper Victor and he defined very well to score a little that he relieved his coffers. And this was noticed with the second, which was a golazo with the spur.

Piatti, 5: Unraveled

The impeccable assist to Wu Lei in the white goal does not illuminate a rather grey match of the Argentine, who still does not seem to be in a position to compete at the highest level. It was the first substitute.

Ferreyra, 4: Invisible

He sometimes pivoted, but much of the match was in the shadows. Nor did it bother the rival defenses.

Moha, 5: Known

He is the top scorer in the Second B group in which Lleida competes. He came in replacing Piatti and, although he put will on him, he was not fine in decision-making. Facing acquaintances played against him this time.

Ricard Pujol, 6: Awarded

The first team debuted the defense of the subsidiary that arrived this summer in the transgaming.orgs town Of Dani Jarque from Cornell. He’s a left-back but Machín decided to put him up and he was about to score.