Euro 2020

Essen company run: Organisers dodge the European Football Championship – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


There will be some changes at the 10th Essen company run in 2020. The most important one: a new date. The registration slots should be gone quickly.

Speed is important for the Essen company run months before the start of the race. Only those who are quick can be there. It is likely to be the same this year. The race will take place on Tuesday, June 23, and the coveted starting places will be awarded from Wednesday, February 5. It is likely that “from Wednesday” will become “exclusively wednesday”. If you want to register later, you have already lost.

That was the case, at least last year. “The run was sold out after two and a half hours. We assume that interest in the companies in Essen and the surrounding area has not diminished. That’s why we can only recommend every team captain to register quickly,” says Marc Böhme, owner of Bunert, the running shop in Rüttenscheid, and one of the organizers. Registrations are possible this Wednesday, starting at 12 noon, via the website

There should be no competition for the European Football Championship at the 10th Essen company run

In the tenth year of its existence, there will be some changes at the major event. This starts with the date. For the first time, the company’s run is moving from its regular date on Wednesday to Tuesday in order not to compete with the national football team. The German Eleven will play their last preliminary round match at the European Football Championship on Wednesday, 24 June. “We don’t want the runners to get into a conflict of interest,” says Christian Hengmith, who is responsible for events at Bunert.

The structure of the registration portal is also new. The organisers have commissioned a new timemeasurement for the race “to ensure an even better and faster service for the participants,” according to a statement. However, this has already led to small changes in the registration, which will be explained to the team captains already this Tuesday, February 4, at a preliminary event.

Team captains meet at the GOP variety show on February 4

If you want to compete with a team at the company run, you can get information about everything important and ask questions at the Teamcaptains-Meeting at the GOP-Varieté, Rottstraße 30, on Tuesday from 5 p.m. Registration for the Captains meeting is required online via The need seems to be there. By midday on Monday, Christian Hengmith and the Bunert team had already counted around 240 registrations from team captains.

Third change compared to previous years: The main sponsor is new. It is the Eon Group that continues its commitment to the company’s running in the course of the Innogy takeover.

Number of participants is limited to 13,000

However, some crucial things remain the same. For example, the number of participants, which is again limited to around 13,000. “The event should remain relaxed and not over-full. Nobody has any benefit when the runners have to push themselves over the track,” says Christian Hengmith. And also the playground Grugapark, where participants and fans meet at the end and where the destination is located, hardly any more people contract. With its 13,000 starters, the Essen company run is already considered the largest in the Ruhr area, even though Dortmund is close on its heels with just over 12,000 participants.

The track remains the same. From the Huyssenallee it leads through Rüttenscheid to the Tummelwiese. It is a good five kilometres long. The race will start again in three waves, at 6.45 p.m., at 7.15 p.m. and at 7.45 p.m. After the finish line, the runners can expect an after-run party in Grugapark with music, information stands and culinary offerings.