Euro 2020

Euro 2020 and the opportunities to seize – Free Morning – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


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It is certainly one of the most anticipated transgaming.orging events this year around the world. This summer’s Euro 2020 promises top-notch football fanatics, epic actions and memorable goals. And for this 16th edition, the European Football Championship aims to bring people together. UEFA has scheduled matches on almost every corner of the continent. 12 countries will have the honour of hosting matches of this unprecedented event, to the delight of their supporters. We therefore offer you in this article all the useful information about this football event but also the different coasts developed by the bookmakers as well as the different ways of predicting the matches.

The Euro, a 60-year-old football competition

Yes, I did. The Euro is not an appointment that dates back to yesterday. From 04 teams in 1960 to 16 teams from 1996 to 24 teams since 2016, it can be said that this competition has evolved upwards and strives each time to bring together the most nations around the king. The current title holder is Portugal who in 2016 managed the feat of beating France at home in extra time. Will he be able to keep four years after his trophy or be overtaken by the other nations who also dream of this continental coronation? We’ll be more fixed in a few months.

UEFA Euro 2020: a special edition.

With this 16th edition organised throughout the European continent, it will be a real moment of communion for the thousands of football fans who may have the chance to attend a Euro match without moving from their countries. It is also a time of cultural mixing and meetings across the 12 countries selected to host matches of the competition. One thing is certain: Euro 2020 will be rich in colour and will bring the magic of football as far as possible.

Euro 2020 favourites according to bookmakers

The draw of the various Euro 2020 groups a few months ago revealed that the duels are likely to be very high and all the qualification places will be hard won.

Nevertheless, the bookmakers managed to stand out from the crowd some teams likely to win the tournament. These include France, England, Belgium, Spain and Germany with coasts ranging from 4.5 to 9 respectively.

The types of bets available during Euro 2020

During Euro 2020, you will have the opportunity to bet the scores of the matches, the goal difference, the teams qualified in the group stages, the top scorer of the tournament or the winner of the competition. Each betting category is accompanied in advance by proposals or clues with their different ribs in order to better orient you in the choice of your predictions.

So it’s time for you to start getting familiar with transgaming.orgs betting sites and follow your favorite players and teams. You only have 05 months left before you make two moves with one stone, combining passion and gains.