Euro 2020

Euro 2020 – Beware of fake ticket sellers – News – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Ticket sales for Euro 2020 football have started. The opportunity for some scammers to project places available at a good price. Our tips for not falling into the trap.

Euro 2020 will be held from 12 June to 12 July. The European football tournament is hosted for this edition by twelve countries (Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Italy and Russia). Ticket sales to attend the games, which open on December 4, run until December 18. All countries combined, 3 million tickets will be sold.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), the organiser of the event and the official seller for the matches, as well as the European Consumer Centre, warn against fraudulent sales, which usually flourish during this transgaming.orgs events, such as at Euro 2016. The French Football Federation (FFF) has also announced that the quota of places for group matches for the French has already passed. Only tickets for the direct elimination matches remain, refunded in case of elimination of les Bleus. Beware of enticing proposals that could surf this shortage.

Unique buying portal

In order to avoid malicious sales, visit the UEFA ( or FFF ( website. You will be sent back to the only official purchase portal. Turn away from any other proposal: tickets for matches normally sold out, at preferential prices or to be seized right away. The documents you receive (perhaps) will not be valid, you will be refused at the entrance of the stadium. Information confirmed by UEFA: “Other ticketing websites and secondary ticketing platforms are not allowed to sell tickets for UEFA Euro 2020. Tickets ordered on such sites are not valid according to the terms and conditions for the sale of tickets for UEFA Euro 2020 and will not allow access to the stadium. As a result, UEFA strongly advises against buying tickets at such sites. » For its part, the European Consumer Centre says that it “regularly registers complaints against concert ticket resale sites or transgaming.orging events located in Spain, Switzerland or the United States, for example […] ». Behind these sales can hide attempts to phish or steal money.

Avoiding pitfalls

  • The best way not to be abused is to go to the UEFA or FFF website to buy tickets.
  • Beware, some sites do not know the identity of the organizers. If in doubt, contact the official structures.
  • If you’ve been set up, file a complaint.
  • Ask the fraudulent site to refund you, even if you may not have any returns.
  • Tell your banker to monitor any suspicious movements on your account.

How euro 2020 ticket sales are going

UEFA Events SA is the only official ticket seller for this tournament. Members of the official fan clubs can buy their tickets directly between 4 and 18 December. Anyone else who wishes to attend a match must register on the platform, as a supporter, and select the matches of their choice: UEFA will draw lots next January. A resale platform will then be available online, “later in 2020”organizer. It will allow “Supporters to safely purchase tickets from other supporters, through UEFA”.