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Euro 2020 – France-Turkey: End military salaries, UEFA can hit hard – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Euro 2020 - France-Turkey: End military salaries, UEFA can hit hard

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The most popular sport in the world, football has often served in its history as a political platform.

The authorities have for many years decided to deal with this, especially not hesitating to threaten or punish countries when the authorities' interference became known in the federations. Similarly, political messages are strictly prohibited in the context of international matches, for obvious reasons and thus to prevent the mixing of football and politics. Currently in war with Syria, Turkey had already crossed this line last Friday during the battle against Albania, with military honors for the players to support the local army in the invasion of neighboring countries. UEFA then announced that they would investigate the matter.

This did not cool the Turks, as in a match at the Stade de France, where there were no major incidents to apologize for, again defied the settlement of the European body by carrying out this military salute by aim of equalization, and much less distracted in front of the supporters after the draw . UEFA could, according to its regulations, and if it considers this gesture as a support for the president's policy, one can deprive Turkey of its points achieved at the Stade de France. A precedent that already took place in Serbia-Albania in 2014, where the two teams for political events got zero points. It remains to be seen whether the European body will dare to attack a country as powerful as Turkey, which has already failed to punish proven cases of racism in these qualifying matches, which is particularly the case in Europe. East and in recent Bulgaria-England this Monday night.