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EURO: all the record for penalty shootouts UEFA EURO 2020 – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


It was only at the fifth edition of the UEFA European Championship in 1976 that penalty shoot-outs emerged. Before that, the finals matches that ended in a draw were played in the draw (such as the 1968 semi-final between Italy and the USSR) or with the help of a support match (such as Italy’s victory over Yugoslavia in the final that followed).

The first game on penalties was the 1976 final, when Antonon Panenka stung the ball to give Czechoslovakia the victory at the expense of West Germany. He entered the football legend with this bold gesture to which he left his name. It was the first of 18 penalty shootouts played, the only one in the final.

Results: penalty shootout statistics at euro

Antonon Panenka in 1976

Antonon Panenka in 1976Icon Sport via Getty Images

More in-time shooting
5 Italy
4 England, Netherlands, Spain
3 Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, Germany (West Germany), Portugal
2 Denmark, France, Poland
1 Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey

Most wins per team
3 Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, Spain
2 Germany, Italy, Portugal
1 Denmark, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey

Most defeats per team
3 England, Italy, Netherlands
1 Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany (West Germany), Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic (3) and Turkey (1) are the only two teams with a 100% penalty shootout record at the EURO. The Czechs have scored their 20 attempts so far. Italy participated in more sessions than any other team, for two wins and three losses (40% success), attempting 31 shots on goal. England and the Netherlands have won only one of their four series.


Germany celebrates on penalties in 2016

Germany celebrates on penalties in 2016Getty Images

Longest series at euro
18 shots: 1980, match for 3rd place: Czechoslovakia 1-1 Italy, Czechs won 9-8
18 shots: 2016, quarter-finals: Germany 1-1 Italy, Germany won 6-5

Shorter series at euro
7 shots: 2008, quarter-finals: Croatia 1-1 Turkey, Turkey won 3-1

Italy played the two longest series. She missed one shot in 1980 and four in 2016 (she has the most missed shots for the same team in a series at the EURO). This series of 2016 was the sixth of the 18 series of the EURO to go into sudden death. A total of seven shots on goal were missed on this occasion (39% of attempts). However, the results were more negative in Croatia-Turkey: during the series, three of the seven attempts were missed (43%).

Individual records

Gianluigi Buffon catches an England penalty in 2012

Gianluigi Buffon catches an England penalty in 2012Afp

Goalkeepers who have played the most penalty shootouts

3 Gianluigi Buffon (Italy – 1 win, 2 losses: 12 goals conceded, 3 saves, 3 out of frame)
3 EdWIN van der Sar (Netherlands 1 win, 2 losses: 12 goals conceded, 2 saves, 1 out of frame)
2 Iker Casillas (Spain – 2 wins: 4 goals conceded, 3 saves, 1 out of frame)
2 ‘ukasz Fabiaski ‘ (Poland – 1 win, 1 loss: 9 goals conceded, 1 out of frame)
2 Bernard Lama (France – 1 win, 1 loss: 10 goals conceded, 1 stop)
2 Rui Patrocio (Portugal – 1 win, 1 loss: 7 goals conceded, 2 saves)
2 David Seaman (England – 1 win, 1 loss: 8 goals conceded, 1 stop, 1 out of frame)

Top scorers on penalties

Ronaldo against England in 2004

Ronaldo against England in 2004Bongarts/Getty Images

2. Cesc Fàbregas (Spain), Paul Gascoigne (England), Kamil Glik (Poland), Ladislav Jurkemik (Czechoslovakia), Patrick Kluivert (Netherlands), Robert Lewandowski (Poland), Marion Masna (Czechoslovakia), Arkadiusz Milik (Poland), Poland), Joel Moutinho (Portugal), Zdenok Nehoda (Czechoslovakia), Anton Ondruo (Czechoslovakia), Antonon Panenka (Czechoslovakia), Stuart Pearce (England), David Platt (England), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Alan Shearer (England)

All sessions

England v Spain: EURO 96 penalty shootout

England v Spain: EURO 96 penalty shootout

1976, final: Czechoslovakia 2-2 West Germany, 5-3 on penalties
1980, match for third place: Czechoslovakia 1-1 Italy, 9-8 on penalties
1984, semi-finals: Denmark 1-1 Spain, 4-5 on penalties
1992, semi-finals: Netherlands 2-2 Denmark, 4-5 on penalties
1996, quarter-finals: Spain 0-0 England, 2-4 on penalties
1996, quarter-finals: France 0-0 Netherlands, 5-4 on penalties
1996 semi-finals: Germany 1-1 England, 6-5 on penalties
1996, semi-finals: France 0-0 Czech Republic, 5-6 on penalties
2000, semi-finals: Italy 0-0 Netherlands, 3-1 on penalties
2004, quarter-finals: Portugal 2-2 England, 5-6 on penalties
2004, quarter-finals: Sweden 0-0 Netherlands, 4-5 on penalties
2008, quarter-finals: Croatia 1-1 Turkey, 1-3 on penalties
2008, quarter-finals: Spain 0-0 Italy, 4-2 on penalties
2012, quarter-finals: England 0-0 Italy, 2-4 on penalties
2012, semi-finals: Portugal 0-0 Spain, 2-4 on penalties
2016, Round of 16: Poland 1-1 Switzerland, 5-4 on penalties
2016, quarter-finals: Poland 1-1 Portugal, 3-5 on penalties
2016, quarter-finals: Germany 1-1 Italy, 6-5 on penalties