Euro 2020

Euro Skills 2020: Four Carinthians represented at the European Professional Championships in Graz – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


The largest domestic delegation for the seventh European Professional Championship in Graz also includes four motivated Carinthians.

Carinthia. The starting signal for the seventh European Professional Championship, the Euro Skills 2020, was given today for the Austrian athletes at the Wifi Upper Austria in Linz. At the first team seminar, the participants met in a big round.
With 52 participants in 44 professions, it is the largest contingent to be sent by Austria to a professional championship. There are also four motivated Carinthians.

The Carinthian Starters

At the Euro Skills 2020, from 16 to 20 September at Messe Graz, around 650 starters from 30 member countries are expected. Four Carinthians compete for Austria in three professions.
Enter the competition Mechatronics Thomas Gasser from Ferndorf and Jennifer Oberegger from Trebesing. Both work at Infineon in Villach.
The Florist Verena Kleibner from Egg in the district of Hermagor works at Blumen Moser in Villach and also starts.
Also included is Kathrin Spitaler from Feldkirchen. She works in the Buxbaumer institute and competes in the beauty care competition.

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