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Eurocup 2020 | Elizegi: "Welcome to the selection and San Mamés" – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Eurocup 2020 | Elizegi: "Welcome to the selection and San Mamés"


Coach Luis Enrique blessed Bilbao headquarters for Euro 2020 Cup. Poland and Sweden, along with another combination of the March qualifier, meet La Roja for the first round at San Mamés. The president of Athletic, Aitor Elizegi, approved this appointment. "We are people in love with real football, in love with a team like the Spanish who plays and commitment to the ball. San Mamés loves the ball and the We want good games, I hope it is the fourth high level team. A stadium who loves the ball very much and the effort around the ball. Welcome this team at home and in San Mamés, "rojiblanco's president said in an interview at a gala on the" Eldesmarque "website.

His passion for the presence of the National Team in Bilbao contributes to the reception of lehendakari, Urkullu; the deputy general of Bizkaia, Rementeria and the mayor of Bilbao, Aburto. Obviously, EH representative Bildu Jasone Agirre assured the lehendakari that being able to see him in the San Mamés box listening to Spain's anthem would "stir the bowels" and concluded that if Euskadi is not entitled to a proper selection, have the right to decide ".

Bilbao opted for the to attract visitors. This was the case of the Basketball World Cup (the presence of the United States and before, a friendly against the NBA Sixers, was blessed by all), the MTV awards gala, the European rugby finals …

"San Mamés is a stadium in love with the good handling of the ball and the effort around the ball," said Athletic's president. To the direct question of whether he welcomed the national team, he replied, "Of course," underlining the transgaming.orging quality of Luis Enrique's team, who will play all their matches in the capital of Biscay – including the eighth round, in case of qualification – and you still have to decide where to fix the concentration.

Elizegi's intervention contributes to those of the lehendakari, Íñigo Urkullu; Bizkaia Deputy General Unai Rementeria and Bilbao Mayor Juan Mari Aburto, underlining the value of a body such as UEFA having chosen the city and its central stadium as the headquarters of Eurocup, the 60th anniversary, a competition created in a special way, according to the dream of former president Michel Platini, with games spread over a dozen cities in many other countries.

«Thousands of visitors»

Urkullu defended the landing of the continental tournament in Bilbao – after the 2018 European rugby finals and looking to host the big start of the Tour in 2023 – during the plenary session of the Basque Parliament last Friday. EH Representative Bildu Jasone Agirre assured the lehendakari that the possibility of seeing him in the San Mamés box listening to the Spanish anthem would "shake his gut" and He concluded that if Euskadi does not have the right to "own the selection," we will not have "the right to decide either."

Urkullu, for his part, insisted on the benefits reported by the celebration in Euskadi of other international transgaming.orging events.. He explained that The European championship will draw Bilbao to "thousands of visitors" and will announce "Basque image and culture". With these expectations, the lehendakari undertook to promote from his executive "respect", "freedom", "coexistence" and "expressions of people's feelings", without undermining their efforts before transgaming.orgs federations to gain recognition from Basque teams, an aspiration that Aitor Elizegi also expressed at the last athletic assembly.