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Europa League ? 1X1 Espanyol: Diego López corrects and Darder gives the lead – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Europa League ? 1X1 Espanyol: Diego López corrects and Darder gives the lead - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Diego López: Although diego López remained undecided on the stop-ball plays, he became the hero of Espanyol by tempering the penalty that Isael threw. He couldn’t do anything in the second. Your stop was key.

Corchia: The side percussed on the right wing, in which he alternated vague centers with other certainty, such as the one who was about to assume the 1-2 work of Campuzano. In defense, he didn’t suffer too much.

Lluís: In such a direct game, the centre-back barely intervened with a ball. He was more cautious in vertical passes than another day and in defense suffered in some melee actions. But, broadly speaking, he complied with the file.

Calero: There is no match in which it does not appear in any goal-to-goal photographs or actions that penalize the team. He played the penalty, very dubious, stopped by Diego López. He remained serious in the aerial game, hesitant in the melee and on the ball exit.

Dídac: He suffered from his side, where the Hungarians attacked the most. However, he was safe in the aerial game and did not lead to defensive errors.

Pipe: Its action in 1-1 deserves a separate chapter. The side overflowed with a tunnel to an adversary and with a bicycle to the second. His back pass turned him into a Melendo goal. The Catalan excelled on the left.

Iturraspe: Too soft in air and melee duels. The physicist took his final bill after his shoulder injury and committed an absurd penalty. With ball he did well although he failed to repeat the good level of the match against Ludogorets away from home, when it was the best.

Lozano: It gives the team dynamism. He leaked some dangerous depth passes and barely lost balls, although he didn’t have the same success is defensive tasks. He nearly took a penalty and suffered in the uneven ball actions.

Barn: In the first half he connected more with the game but went unnoticed after the break. He ended up replaced by Moha. The afternoon before, he had suffered discomfort.

Melendo: He suffered several kicks from the ferencvaros defenders and scored 1–1 despite his header was not very accurate. He got a few balls inside but it couldn’t be deep.

Campuzano: Too lonely in attack, he worked what he could and kept running. He lost the mark in the 1-0 action and came close to converting the 1-2.

Moha: He officially opened with the first team but was barely able to intervene. The striker saw a yellow one.

Calleri: The Argentine returned to the team after more than a month off but could barely play balls.

Darder: His head gave Espanyol a tie in 95′ and the ticket as first in the group.