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Ex-Red Bull Salzburg co-trainer Rene Maric showers Takumi Minamino with praise – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Takumi Minamino’s transfer to Liverpool FC hit home football like a bomb. The reigning Champions League winner activated the €8.5 million exit clause in the Japanese’s contract, which will now play for the Reds from January.

Minamino’s transfer to the Premier League giant was a cause for pride not only for Red Bull Salzburg – but also for former employees. Such as Rene Maric, who acted as assistant coach under Marco Rose and now also works for Borussia Mönchengladbach.

‘He deserves it so much. Takumi is an incredible player, very smart, solid from the ground up, has a great character and is a dream for every coach,” Maric tweeted. ‘He’s very good coachable and a real team player. A strong transfer for Liverpool FC, I wish him good luck. Congratulations to Liverpool.”

Maric: Minamino best on the Ten