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Extremadura's president doesn't believe the name chosen for a drink is hurting the club – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Extremadura has issued a statement in the words of its president, Manuel Franganillo, to disrupt all those who consider the name chosen for "CaraMojón" liquor harmed by Barça club in arbitration decisions in which the team has been involved in recent days.

Franganillo, who runs a distillery with his family in Almendralejo, decided a few days ago to use the insult given to the VAR coach at the conclusion of a match of his team (the famous CaraMójon), to name a liquor that was about to enter the market at that time. AND what started as a joke is turning against the businessman and president of the Extremadura entity. Many fans over the weeks consider that the name used for the new drink could be harmed by the club and that the arbitration may have been offended by Franganillo's action.

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Now the club issues a statement in which the president acknowledges his mistake again for these unfortunate words to the VAR coach. "I made a mistake that I not only regretted and asked for appropriate forgiveness, but I tried with what I considered an ingenious and singular act, reversing the situation and giving a jocular tone to the whole situation. The sad thing is that my own hobby is transforming it." him on a double-edged sword, accusing him as the culprit of this situation ".

The president of Barça believes that "blaming a liquor for justifying misfortune makes the insult to respectable arbitration much greater because it would doubt its honesty and premeditated criteria". Finally, he adds, "I certainly and surely believe in the honesty of each and every one of us who are part of this beautiful world of football."