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FC Bayern: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge against Champions League reform – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


As ceo Karl-Heinz Rummenigge pointed out, the Plone fer a Champions League reform at the German champions Bayern Munich continues to lack a lack of opposition. He also spoke out against an even more grory game calendar.

“No German club is dissatisfied with the current format, and there is no need for any change. Radicalism is now going too far,” Rummenigge told the Sports Business Congress SPOBIS in Düsseldorf: “I also don’t have the sense: something should be repaired, it wasn’t broken.”

At the moment, UEFA and the top clubs are working to change the size of the knigsclass formats. A model with a confused four groups with eight teams instead of the current eight groups of four is a favoured variant for many clubs.

“You have to,” Rummenigge said: “There are no dates, the two finalists in this model are 21 games in total, and you’ve been able to create a lot of long-running games in groups of eight.”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge against bloated game calendar

Overhaupt, Rummenigge was in favour of further fixtures of the game calendar through new competitions or reforms. “We got a stop at one point,” he said: “Players and coaches measure getting up and saying it’s enough.”

The former national team captain, whose club reported a record turnover of around 750 million euros last season, “has become too political and too financial.” One mase to ask oneself, “is this all still good for the football ball or just for the box office”.

Rummenigge also emphasized Monchner’s efforts to increase the number of opportunities for revenue, saying that “in the meantime, too little will talk about the well-being of football.” In his view, “the big problem of international football is that the verbents are constantly developing new competitions”.