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FC Bayern: luck in misfortune for Kingsley Coman – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Kingsley Coman's injury history added an unfortunate chapter. After all, the worst fears were not confirmed after the Frenchman had to be replaced in FC Bayern's 3-1 win in the last Champions League game against Tottenham Hotspur.

And suddenly there was a cold silence in the Allianz Arena. Kingsley Coman was lying with his face contorted in pain, having been left hanging on the lawn a few moments earlier, unfortunately and without the intervention of an opponent.

The scene flickered in slow motion over monitors from various perspectives on the print box screens. Looks were exchanged. Non-verbally transmitted views: "This looks like a serious injury."

When the Frenchman, requested by two team doctors, immediately disappeared into the catacombs and his compatriot Corentin Tolisso, who had to pause due to muscle hardening, left his seat in the stands to hurry, the worst fears were nurtured.

Because it was obviously at least speculation, once again a left injury, so the foot acted on the Coman last calendar year twice a syndesmotic ligament injury that left him several months out of action.

Flick: Coman injury "big shadow over the game"

"At the first moment he was sitting on the floor, I think he was very shocked, Kingsley has already suffered one or two serious injuries and at first thought something had been broken," said team mate Joshua. Kimmich after meeting Tottenham Hotspur, whose sporting outcome shifted slightly to the background due to Coman's injury. "When I looked into his eyes, I got scared, which reminded me when he fouled Hoffenheim."

Even coach Hansi Flick could not fully enjoy the victory after the game. "This is a big shadow that is over the game. We hope it is not so bad," said the 57-year-old. skyBefore medical director Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt crossed the mixed zone and warned reporters present: "It is not yet certain, we will do another investigation and announce the result."

Bayern announces diagnosis at Coman

He must keep his word. At night, the German record holder announced the exact diagnosis of the injury on his website: "The diagnosis of club doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt on Wednesday night revealed a capsule rupture in the left knee." In addition, Coman pulled a biceps tendon and compressed the knee joint. The knee has been immobilized for some time, "the statement said.

Exact ward downtime made no nominations for the club. However, the news should have caused a collective sigh of relief among Bayern fans.

Because: Just a year ago, the French international talked to Tele Pé A possible end of career is not excluded if he suffers another prolonged ankle injury.

Although he recently invalidated these statements in conversation with the club's own magazine 51 ("I said then if it happened to me for the third time"), a repeated Syndesmosebandriss on his left foot would probably have raised new doubts in the former Juventus pro.

Kingsley Coman: Performance Data for 2019/20 Season

competition games gates models minutes
national league 12 1 2 884
Champions League 5th 2 1 368
DFB Cup 2 1 2 160