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FC Schalke 04 against Eintracht Frankfurt today in the LIVE TICKET – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


FC Schalke 04 against Eintracht Frankfurt today in the LIVE TICKET

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FC Schalke 04 defeated Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 at the end of the 15th match day in the Bundesliga. The miners had to retire for almost half an hour after Alexander Nübel looked red after a brutal onset. Here you can read the game in LIVE-TICKER.

The hosts are relieved after the season's eighth win. After a torn first inning without major highlights, it was Benito Raman who, with his goal (53rd) after the pass from Harit, punished a mistake by the Frankfurt team. The hosts then had control of the game and the opponent – until goalkeeper Alexander Nübel lost track and lost his nerve. His Kung Fu kick off the penalty area against Gacinovic was rightly penalized with red (66th).

Fortunately, the Frankfurt striker apparently did not suffer any serious damage during this campaign. Eintracht took command after the resignation, but rarely jeopardized the S04 with mostly inappropriate attacks. The Royal Blues finally took the lead over seven minutes of stoppage time.

With the win, Schalke defended 4th place. The gap to the new Leipzig series manager is five points, three to Gladbach in position 2 and one to BVB. Frankfurt slides to 12th place after the season's seventh defeat.

Schalke 04 – Eintracht Frankfurt today in LIVE-TICKER for reading

90. + 7. | The game is over! Schalke saves victory over time.

90. +. 6 | A free kick on Miranda on the sideline on her own half. Foul shot of Schalke.

90 + fifth | Two more minutes.

90 + fifth | Now kick off the gate of Gelsenkirchener.

90. +. 4 | Kostic strikes from the left, but Kabak finally hits the ball out of the box before a Frankfurt player gets there.

90. +. 3 | Schalke holds the ball in half of Frankfurt. There is still four minutes to stop.

90. +. 2 | Judge Zwayer warns Ndicka for a foul on Serdar. It is his first yellow card this season.

90. +. 1 | Frankfurt ended 14, Schalke 11 eleven.

90. +. 1 | Seven minutes to play again!

90. | Frankfurt has the ball on the ball. Attack on the left side.

89. | Torro comes back onto the field. And Frankfurt is attacking. Schalke defends himself by the well-known motto: high and far out.

88. | Matondo goes steep on a counter attack for S04, but then dribbles on the opponent's penalty area.

87. | The next scene has it all: after a cross from the left, Durm comes to the right from twelve meters. Schubert fended off the shot in the bottom right corner. The standard remains without consequences.

87. | Durm and Paciencia try to find a chance to the left of the penalty area, but fail to do so.

85. | Frankfurt's Torro is beaten, but he stays on the pitch for now. Guests can no longer change.

83. | Guido Burgstaller post shot! From outside the penalty area, Schalke replaces the flat from about 20 yards to the right. Rönnow makes a long turn, it is with his fingertips on his right hand and leads the ball towards the left outer post.

82. | In Frankfurt, Erik Durm now replaces teammate Toure, who was also responsible for the 0: 1 loss on the ball.

81. | Schalke defends the standard because Eintracht acts indecisively in the center and does not close. Kabak's effort against Dost in the penalty area does not result in the referee's whistle or signal from Cologne.

80. | Oczipka fouls in the back left corner of the penalty area near the finish line. Free kick for unit.

79. | After the break, the ball turned clearly: Frankfurt now has the advantage here with a good 60 percent, and the guests also win more duels (60 percent). But the Hessians lack a goal.

78. | Schalke defends with all nine remaining field players in his own penalty area. Frankfurt Sow takes the shot from 20 yards. If it.

77. | 1: 0 shooter Benito Raman goes off the field, for he is now Guido Burgstaller.

76. | 15 minutes more. Frankfurt and Schalke may change again.

75. | Schalke puts a relief attack on Matondo on the right, which ends with a throw-in for the guests.

73. | Schubert catches the ball after a shot from Kostic.

72. | Schalke will now – without Harit and superfluous – try to defend the narrow leadership. Will Frankfurt get the "second air" for the final phase?

71. | The hosts were in complete control of the game, and in the scene where Nübel rushed out of goal, there were also two defenders nearby. The goalkeeper has now greatly weakened his team – and, above all, unnecessary Gacinovico's health unnecessary.

70. | Frankfurt must replace the injured Gacinovic, who now plays Goncalo Paciencia.

69. | At Schalke, keeper Marcus Schubert comes out on the field. Amine Harit goes down. Schalke now a man less.