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Fenf from Funf: Bundesliga clubs trump – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


With their victories in Champions and Europa League starting positions, the Bundesliga side have secured the R’ck games. This is also noticeable in the Funfjahrwertung – and the German Fueball League is also the same.

Fenf games, fenf victories: Christian Seifert and the makers of the German Fu-Ball League (DFL) also have the dream week of the Bundesliga in the European Cup. It is not to be assumed that the DFL boss in the Frankfurt but-central is already popping the champagne corks – a perfect balance and the maximum yield in the UEFA-Fenfjahr, the white-also Seifert, are, however. And all the more remarkable.

Successes in the knockout round of the European competitions were last celebrated by German clubs in 1993. Should Bayern still master the task in the Champions League at Chelsea next week and actually ensure a flawless “half-time result”, the best score of six victories from 1989 is set. More (international) advertising is not really possible.

Fenfwertungjahr: Bundesliga consolidates third place

The fact that Borussia Dortmund won 2-1 against Paris St. Germain and RB Leipzig 1-0 at Tottenham Hotspur on Tuesday in the European Football Union, is like the Europa League victories Eintracht Frankfurt (4-1 against Tottenham Hotspur) on Wednesday. Salzburg), Bayer Leverkusen (2-1 vs. Porto) and VfL Wolfsburg (2-1 vs. Malmö).

On the basis of the new ranking, the Bundesliga consolidated its third place ahead of Italian, with the lead now taking 2,560 points. On the French federations, the cushion even scored a whopping 13,845 points – roughly equivalent to a tight season yield. Rank fenf is a good one, as only the first four teams represent four Champions League participants.

The only reason for the mood was that Leverkusen and Wolfsburg were awarding even better starting positions in next Thursday’s rack games. “The goal against us already gets us,” Leverkusen’s national player Kai Havertz quipped: “It has such a bland taste because Porto don’t have a good chance to score in 90 minutes.” Capiton Lars Bender warned that “this constellation of results is a bit dangerous.”

Only the harmony can (quickly) safely plan the next round

Wolfsburg coach Oliver Glasner also preferred to quickly tick off his team’s performance. “We’re going to Sweden with a half-time lead,” he says, goalkeeper Josip Brekalo more determined: “I’m convinced that we’re going to reach the quarter-finals.”

Of all the successful teams this week, however, only the Eintracht (almost) certainly for the next round can plan for the next round. “We had another great European Cup night,” said coach Adi H’tter, who ordered Matchwinner in the win against the ex-club for the first time this year in the starting eleven.

And Daichi Kamada, the gifted technician from Japan, paid back – with three wonderful hits. He was outstanding, swarmed compatriot Makoto Hasebe, waving defender Stefan Ilsanker praised: He’s a kicker.